I Climbed because I Can: Top of the Rock is 66 Flights of Stairs

11022569_10152780748619422_3157911463553821426_nThe Monday after the Climb to the Top of the Rock brings awareness to mind, body and spirit. Yes. This will be a mushy post as I really stepped out of my comfort zone doing this climb.
How so when my life is an open book?
Well, I can talk about theatre and New York City for days on end. I do talk about struggles and how I manage to overcome my fears around them. However, I don’t always talk about my MS. The most you may have heard about it is over the last few months as I raised funds for my Climb with my team, Malini’s MS Busters.
Why do the climb for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society?
1. I don’t see myself as suffering so by speaking about it, I’ve taken control of the disease in my mind. I’m not MS.
2. When I got laid off last year and lost my health insurance, I made three calls: my husband, my best friend and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I had to make sure I was able to get my meds. They took care of me so the disease wouldn’t progress and ravage my body.
3. I’m intrinsically lazy (I know that sounds strange) so doing anything strenuous sounds like a bad idea. However, climbing 66 flights of the beautiful Rockafeller Center just seemed really cool and the challenge I needed to keep my spirit strong.
My results:
  • Built a team of 6 climbers;
  • Raised $8,024.00; and
  • I climbed 66 flights of Rock in 27:37
My kudos:
  • Olivia, Mike, Heather, Daniel and Dena/Amanda for being on my team;
  • to my wonderful and loving family;
  • to my team of specialists who made sure I was ready for this climb;
  • to LT 120 and the Momentum Family;
  • Michael Providence and Derek Straat; and
  • to all our supporters.
Final thoughts:
  • Space then thinning of air then breeze then  bright light.
  • Having a full conversation while climbing with your best galpal, Mandy, passes the time.
  • Experiencing this beautiful skyline after climbing 66 flights is hella awesome.
  • Mr. G and I had a moment. Though he didn’t so love that I grew up watching him on TV. He gave me a hug and there’s a pic floating around of us somewhere.
Thank you and onward!
Keeping It Real,
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