Meet Emily Emerson & The Field

The Field 1000x1000.jpegTell us about you. 
I am a playwright and actress currently based in North Carolina.
Tell us about your current project? 
My full-length play, The Field, is premiering at the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival on August 8, 9, & 10.
Where are you performing your show and why is it a good fit for your production? 
The Field is part of the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival and it will be performed at the Theater at the 14th St. Y in the East Village. The theater is beautifully renovated and is a lovely, intimate space for the show.
What’s next for you? 
I am currently working on a few new projects, but no dates for production as of yet.
What is the name of the last show you saw? 
The last show I saw in NYC was War Paint. The last show I saw in North Carolina was Legally Blonde at UNCSA.
Any advice for your peers?
Get a good team of collaborators. They are the people that will make your show great.

Show Information:

Dates: August 8 (5pm), August 9 (8:30pm), August 10 (5pm)
Venue: The Theater at the 14th Street Y, 344 E. 14th St.