The Sin Eater by Michael Bettencourt, Directed by Elfin Frederick Vogel

I’ve been spending a lot of time down on the Lower East Side. I like my theatre gritty and dark. That’s what I got when I saw The Sin Eater. I’ve discussed deep thoughts in past blogs. So here are some thoughts on last night’s powerful performance:

Redemption is a tough pill to swallow especially of you’re stuck within the four walls of a prison. Prison is a state of captivity and confinement. It isn’t just a physical place but mental one as well. The Sin Eater is about sin, confession and redemption. What makes one highly reprehensible act better or worse than the other? Who is judge? Who is to judge? The three storytellers captivate the audience for an intense 100 minute in the intimate Kabayitos Theatre. 6 chances left to see it before it closes this weekend.