Twelfth Night, Estrogenius and Death!

I’m not sure how today got away from me. I am officially in pre-production for a show and a festival!

Today, I finalized that email for our upcoming auditions of Twelfth Night I have already been receiving emails with great interest about auditions so that always makes me feel good.

I am also the Marketing Director for this year’s Estrogenius Festival with Manhattan Theatre Source. Some of you may remember me gushing about the amazing experience I had directing one of their plays last fall. I want to do a good job and learn as I go. Yesterday we interviewed candidates for a few internships.  I am thrilled to be a part of this project.

But wait! There’s more! Before Twelfth Night and Estrogenius, there is one more show. This one is Done to Death with the Parkside Players. My role in that one is House Manager Extraordinaire with a dash of Publicity.

Stay tuned as the next couple of months will be a blur but in a good way.

Oh and can you believe Ian and I scheduled vacation in the midst of this?!

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