Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!®

This is my thought from the universe today. As you know, I live by this and many of my thoughts and dreams have come true. Here’s one of my favorites:

In 1997, Ian and I met during a production of Cyrano de Bergerac. We were young actors who just wanted to do theatre. We connected on the idea of doing Shakespeare in the parks just for the sake of the art. Every day we looked out our window at the square sitting on the edge of Forest Park and wondered if it will ever come to fruition. So fast forward to 2010 when synergy brought together like-minded artists and our dream came true. Much Ado About Nothing was performed in 5 parks in 5 boroughs. It took 13 years but we never let go of the idea. We do not plan to as we are bringing Twelfth Night to the masses this summer. 

Thoughts do become things. Think it. Believe it. Write it down. RIGHT NOW!

Black Henna is currently accepting headshots and resumes for consideration.


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