Godspell Prepared ME the Way!

On October 24th of last year, I posted my second blog entry called Move a Muscle, Change a Thought where I opined about the opening of Godspell and how excited I was about being a Person of Godspell.

Well, we are closing on Sunday, June 24th and there aren’t words to describe the experience. So, I will take this opportunity to thank all of you who saw and supported the show. I know that Godspell touched many of you. As a matter of fact, I will always remember how fortunate I was to follow through on an opportunity, the connections made with my fellow PoGs, the Broadway education I learned. The one thing I want to share is when I was 30, I set a goal for myself. I knew at the time it was a pretty high one but I set it. I wanted to have a Broadway credit in some form by the time I hit 35.  I got my credit by 35. 

I’m really grateful because it wasn’t an easy journey. I could have walked away from my passion a dozen times. I am glad I didn’t but rather paused, took a break, went on vacation. That’s the best advice I can give anyone who is frustrated and wants out of whatever they are doing. Walk away and revisit. See if you are reignited or you are a wet wick.

So, if you want to catch Godspell before we close, click HERE.

And some fun photos:

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