I Promise Myself to Stay on the Beam

I was taught by parents to strive for excellence. I try my best to carry that message, hence this blog.  For whatever reason, I decided to really focus on this year’s Olympics. I have watched them in the past but  not with too too much interest.  Mostly because the athletes are completely out of my scope of reality. And they intimidate me. This summer, though, I am watching with awe and respect. When I see these athletes working so hard for the gold, I think to myself, wow that is truly excellence. Just MAKING it to the Olympics is a feat.

It was interesting listening to the commentators talk about off a degree or that foot was still on the diving board or the synchronized swimming for Italy wasn’t so synchronized. Yet, I was still impressed because I cannot do any of that. The closest I got to flying through the air with the greatest of not so much ease is when I went trapezing. I couldn’t do a catch and was just fine hanging upside down and gliding through the air.  Clearly I am not for the circus.  

I had a moment while enjoying the Olympics. I thought,  “hmmm, how many bad days do they have before even getting to this point?”  They probably have many bad days as such is life. We have experiences good, bad and indifferent. On the outside,we judge and assume because that’s what we do as humans. However, we can never ever know what lies beneath. At the end of the day or diving board or beam, we just have to put our best foot forward. I do appreciate when the commentators give some back story to a competitor. Especially if there is a struggle. Gymnast John Orozco traveled a long way to London.  At any time, he could have pulled out and said no more, especially after his ankle injury. He didn’t. He had a goal and went for it.

So we just have to remember that even when we feel like we are down and out, we should still strive for our own personal gold. Maybe it will be a silver or a bronze. But you know what? It’s still a prize and it’s still a goal. 

Now back to the 10M womens’ synchronized swimming. I honestly can’t wrap my head around how they can do that.

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