This is Spinal Tap

“Your sister was such a trooper!”

That’s what the nurses said to my sisters after my short stint at the doctor’s office on Friday. And you know what? I was a trooper.

I had a lumbar puncture (aka a spinal tap) on Friday in order to fully diagnose whether or not I have Multiple Sclerosis. I could have gone into the procedure with trepidation, fear, worry, anxiety and dread. However, I decided that I would not do that. Besides my father and sisters going on the field trip with me, I also received a ton of love via text, email and calls. That made a difference. I also let go of the outcome. I stayed in the present and was  jovial.  I made the environment comfortable for everyone involved.I laughed and chatted with the staff. In doing that, the procedure went by fast, the recovery was easy going and I got to spend time in silence and with my family.

In the past, I would have created negative and anxious pomp and circumstance. In retrospect, that kind of manufactured drama was unneccessary but I am so glad I experienced it. Simply, I now have a comparison and contrast on how to deal with situations. It is never easy to deal with a diagnosis or misdiagnosis or non-diagnosis. However, how you decide to approach it rather than automatically react to it,  makes the difference.

I watched The Secret a few months ago and there was a segment on a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the ways she healed herself was through constant positive energy and laughter. Her cancer disappeared at the time of the taping. I kept thinking about that on Friday. I will continue my affirmations, continue to laugh, continue to  be grateful. 

After spending the rest of the day with my family, I went home and surfed Netflix.

Yep, I watched This is Spinal Tap.

For Ian: “Stonehenge, where the demons lie.”

4 thoughts on “This is Spinal Tap

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  2. You are so right. I had my first surgery at thirteen and have had 7 more since…and that is how I have approached them all. Worry gets you nowhere, but laughter will carry you through anything and everything!! You go girl!

  3. I follow aspects of it. I really love Chopra and have been following much of what he has been saying. Thanks for all the support. The last month has been a daze.

  4. Do you practice Zen Buddhism, Malini? Lol. Oh my gosh, this could be a post on one of the Zen blogs I follow. That is exactly the idea: to continually project positive energy and to remain alive to the moment. There are many stories of overcoming pain simply by focusing on it and experiencing it, etc. Great post, Malini. I hope all turns out well. I wish you much peace and happiness. Charles _/\_

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