Rest, Relaxation and Questions

b13c064dbf28a0a9246a78640dce9bdc-bpfullAs I battle the end of this flu on this lovely vacation, I would be lying if I said that I have been care-free and fancy-free with thoughts of life back in New York. If anything, this flu (the first in over a decade) has totally laid me out. The fever, the chills, the extreme exhaustion and constant coughing has me thinking about how did I let myself be susceptible. Granted everyone has been sick this winter. Flu season affects most but I know that I was a contributing factor to getting this sick.

After the EstroGenius Festival 2012  closed in December, I took a month off to enjoy some down time and the holidays. However, once 2013 rang in, I started to schedule my projects, speaking engagements, rehearsals, meetings, conferences, vacations. I knew that I was coming to Trinidad this week, so I made sure that I had everything set before I left New York. In doing that I really didn’t leave much time for rest. I also didn’t take into consideration that my newest project was going to require extensive homework and brain power. I also didn’t think that one of my projects was not going to be rewarding. That’s okay though. Live and learn.

As  I try to let my thoughts run free in this amazing mellow environment, I find myself observing how no one seems to be under pressure. I put myself under pressure. The two thoughts that have played in my mind are:

  1. Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  2. Why do I get involved in projects where I say, “I have x amount of time before this is over .

Question 2 has answered itself. My major projects of 2013 have me filled with excitement: EstroGenius 2013 and Imaginary. My other projects are awaiting their turn in the limelight.

As for Question 1…that used to be the easiest for me to answer in the past. I honestly can’t answer that question right at this minute. My default answer is sitting on a beach writing poetry. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that today because it is raining.

Hopefully, I’ll have a semblance of an answer by the time I get back to New York City. And hopefully, I’ll remember to schedule time to take care of myself.



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