3529_10151366040714422_506576816_nThis year’s trip to Trinidad was different than last year’s spiritual awakening. I was very sick with the flu when I left snowy New York.  Being sick on vacation can put a damper on plans but I actually found it to be refreshing. Hmm, maybe not refreshing but relaxing.  I had no choice but to slow down and rest. Even though we hit the beach and did some sight-seeing,  I just slept and hung out with my dad and family.

I learned a lot about myself such as :

  1. I actually do not like to be very busy.
  2. I commit to too many projects and duties.
  3. I don’t take enough time for myself.
  4. I tend to do things to please others.
  5. I force my thoughts than let them flow.
  6. I want so much out of life that I complicate life.
  7. I really and truly can’t imagine my life without my family and theatre.
  8. I have to listen to my body when it says slow down.
  9. Though I am a proud New Yorker, I just don’t like the snow and winter.  I like the warmth. I love the beach.
  10. I have very strong roots and amazing ancestry.

So this vacation was about reflection.  In order to be truly successful, I have to be to be passionate. True passion for me is being specific. I can’t be passionate about everything or else nothing is special. And that’s what came to me in my quiet time.

Now to plan the next retreat!

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