Imaginary Friends for Life?

Imaginary-FB-Profile_PhotoFor the life of me, I cannot remember my imaginary friend’s name. I do remember us speaking fluent Eurogibberish. I thought that if I just said gibberish with some foreign words thrown in there, it would sound European. This was the thought in a 5 year old’s mind.  “Leghakhgeria” must not have been a good imaginary friend or else I would know her name. She probably let me down. Even at a young age, I was let down by others…who don’t exist. Well, now I am just rambling about vague memories. However, there is a point.

My next and very exciting project is called Imaginary written by my friend, Nick Radu. The story is that Jack Cartwright has passed on after being involved in a tragic car accident. Before passing on to “the other side,” Jack must take on the job as Imaginary Friend to 8-year-old Molly Hamilton. Jack is just another notch in Molly’s candy lipstick case as she has been through six Imaginary Friends already in her short life. Sampson, the angelic spirit in charge of the Imaginary Friend Network, explains the rules of imaginary friending to a reluctant Jack, who finds the task slightly more daunting than he expected.

Now there’s a possibility, I was like Molly to “Leghakhgeria”. I was never a rude child but I was mouthy. I digress. Maybe we didn’t do much together. I was a bookworm as a child who devoured Nancy Drew and Ramona Quimby. Maybe the titian-haired sleuth was my friend. It’s so sad. Oh well.  These days I actually know who my imaginary friends are or as I like to call them, my guardian angels. Whenever I start to get bratty, they make me pause and settle down.  “Leghakhgeria” would never have done that.

I would love to know the name of your imaginary friend and what the two of you loved to talk about in your imaginary fort.

Please share!


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