Thank You, Boston

I really wanted to blog yesterday. I really wanted to say something poignant. Then I remembered the night I met my idol Patti Smith. I told her that I wanted to say something poignant to her.  She said, “Please don’t.” I smiled and said thank you. Everything I felt about her and her art was summed up in that thank you.

Thank you, Boston. If I didn’t live in my hometown, The Big Apple, I would live in Beantown in a second. Thank you for your chowder in a bread bowl. I don’t eat clams but I’ll eat them at Faneuil Hall. Thank you for having pretty cool ghost tours. Ian and I have been awesomely spooked on your creepy night tours. Thank you for being 5 hours away. I couldn’t go on a full blown honeymoon during my last year of grad school. Yet you were a stone’s throw away and welcoming.  Thank you for being our rival city in baseball. It’s not about baseball now. Thank you for giving me great memories of past travels and for creating new ones.

Thank you. We’ll see you in the summer.

Here are pics from our last jaunt to our city of love.

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