Stop! Go! Wait!

Picture courtesy of Rob Zukowski
Picture courtesy of Rob Zukowski

Mixed signals are very difficult to process  if you are the one receiving them. It paralyzes because you don’t know how to react, respond. The synapses stop firing and you’re a deer in headlights. You get frustrated and freak out or you completely shut down (please replace you with I).

I don’t have the exact answer for dealing with a difficult situation.  However, I have found some techniques which have helped me. Hopefully, they will help you too. After all, why keep all of life’s secrets.
I find that one of the ways that has helped me in this area is by taking care of myself for a few hours. That means shutting the world out. I usually have one day that’s dedicated to my spiritual practice. That sets the tone for the week.  I write, watch Super Soul Sunday, nap, hang with my cat.
I also have a health regimen which includes visits to the chiropractor, physical therapist and most recently,  an acupuncturist. Those visits help my MS and back pain. It also forces me to be still for a period of time. Time to reflect and sometimes even nap.
I also have a hobby that, believe it or not,  is not theater. Besides writing this blog, I also write poetry. That has been a really amazing outlet. These days my poems have been New York City inspired.  I walk through the city with a different pair of glasses.
The Artists’ Way is a great book to read if you are experiencing a block.  I started to doing the work in it which includes stream of consciousness writing every morning and going on an artist date (see above). I also read one inspirational passage from a book or site.
I try a few times a day to meditate. It’s not sitting cross-legged- fingers- touching- chanting- ohm mediation. Though I have done that. It’s usually just taking a pause and be aware of the present moment.
These practices help me not go off the deep end or into Crazy Town. They help me to listen and to respond in a normal manner. And when none of those work, I just rant for x minutes and try my best to move forward.

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