Pieces, The Quest of the Hero & Allie’s Appendix Open at Planet Connections

Geffner WednesdayI am reading at the Inspired Word on Wednesday night at 7pm at Coffeed in Long Island City. Trying out some new pieces so I’d love for you to be there.

Planet Connections opens this month for 3 weeks. I am pretty psyched about the shows that are going up. Besides, Pieces, The Quest of the Hero! and Allie’s Appendix, there is John Patrick Bray’s Donkey, David Caudle’s Downward Facing Debbie and Siobhan O’Loughlin’s Natural Novice. Check out the listings at http://www.theatrebeyondbroadway.com for more info.

See you at the show!

This contest is still open until Wednesday.

Your name will be drawn from my cauldron if you tell me what show has a kick ass poster/logo/brand. You win two tickets to:

THE ANTHEM is a rollicking sci-fi musical about a revolt of the young against an evil state lovingly inspired by the classic novella “Anthem.” Hunger Games meets Ayn Rand in a world where individuality is illegal. Prometheus abandons everything to confront the State — controlled by the overlord of evil efficiency, Tiberius. With a forbidden copy of Ayn Rand’s ancient tome in hand, can Prometheus overthrow the system?

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