And Another One:Midtown International Theatre Festival Ends After 18 Seasons

Of course, I am flooded with emotions. Of course, I understand. To my indie artists, dig deep, find a way, continue to create.

Midtown International Theatre Festival Ends After 18 Season

NY, NY – Broadway World News Desk – Creator and executive producer of the Midtown International Theatre Festival, John Chatterton, announced today that he will be retiring the MITF until further notice. In a statement to the press, Chatterton said:

“On looking back over 18 seasons of the MITF, I have many memories, most of them good, some not so much, and some hilarious. But I’ve had some reverses in recent years that have forced me to hang up the gloves. Hence, this retirement memo.

When you get to be 71, you accumulate a few dings on your person — with some people, more dings than others, some dings going deeper than others. When you start to feel like my first car, a ’65 Dodge Dart (this was in ’79), you know it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities.

The financial situation has also grown more parlous. When I started the MITF (in 2000), I was making $65 an hour as a tech writer on Wall Street. Now I’m on Social Security. I can no longer underwrite the Festival budget out of my own pocket.

(A few years ago I moved back to Massachusetts, for personal reasons, and the strains of commuting to NYC also take their toll.)

The last straw was recent lawsuit. It was one of those cases where you’re damned if you win and damned if you lose, because either way you have to pay legal costs.

I have lots of energy and ideas left. Also an increasing urge to travel the world, starting with a farewell tour (in a much better car) down the East Coast to Florida. So, as the Governator said, ‘I’ll be b-a-a-a-c-k!’

Thank you, New York, for giving my life meaning for 24 years. Thank you for the opportunity to serve that occasionally fickle muse, the Theatre, in all the roles I’ve experienced. Good luck and God bless. We’ll be in touch!”

In the summer of 2000, in midtown Manhattan, the Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF) began celebrating the diversity of theatre.

MITF emphasizes imaginative, low-tech staging. In addition to offering a safe environment to develop innovative theatre, the MITF is devoted to keeping costs for participants down. This means there are now no participation fees for any of our festivals!

The MITF welcomes submission of any kind of stage play, musical or otherwise, new or revived, mainstream or focused on an ethnic or cultural niche.

The Festival is the brainchild of John Chatterton, creator of OOBR (“the off-off-broadway review”), which for many years was the only publication exclusively devoted to covering the Off-Off-Broadway scene. Mr. Chatterton started the MITF as a way to present the finest Off-Off-Broadway talent in convenience, comfort, and safety. He also produces the Short Play Lab and the Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival.

TBB: Things Been A-Happening

Happy Spring TBBers! It’s been a while since my last update. My usual platform is through social media but I figured, “hey, a personal note is often nice.”

Over the last 5 months, TBB has been transformed into a beautiful organization. Our community has grown through our Facebook Group Page; we have been teaching empowerment through theatre at a few schools; we have a few shows that will be produced this year into next; and of course, t’is the season of FRINGE! Actually, we are heading to Cali first for the Hollywood Fringe which I am very excited about because it really is beyond Broadway.

In addition to working on Power!, I also am the associate producer for the Broadway Artists Connection. We are always looking for aspiring artists to be on our lineup along side our Broadway artists.

And I’ve included some other fun stuff. Keep me posted on all your projects!

Below is all the info for everything and as always…

see you at the show!


 The Broadway Artists Connection brings together Broadway & Aspiring Artists to create, connect and give back to our communities.
Next SHOW: 5/23 at 7pm.
Tickets are available.


Theatre Beyond Broadway: The Community – You’re Invited


Friends, you are officially invited to join Theatre Beyond Broadway: The Community! Click HERE now to join me and others.

One of my many goals when I created Theatre Beyond Broadway in 2012 was to build a community of passionate artists that would empower each other. Being in the arts is not the easiest road on which to travel but the reward, as you know, is beyond words. Even though I have been an active member in the theatre community for close to 20 years, I still am learning. For example, I had my first circus production experience this past weekend. I kicked off 2015 as a production assistant at Circus Now‘s inaugural awards ceremony at the Big Apple Circus. Amazing!

These experiences allows me to broaden my circle. I have met wonderful poets, musicians, solo performers, dancers, artists…the list goes on. I think it’s time for you to meet each other and share your art.

Why TBB: The Community? This is an open forum for the following:

  1. Support and advice;
  2. Upcoming auditions and performances;
  3. Information on conferences and networking opportunities;
  4. The opportunity to meet and expand your artistic circle.

I mention the circus opportunity as it came via a director for whom I did PR for two and half years ago at the Fringe. You never know what will come your way and when. It’s about being plugged in and sharing the resources. And with that, join me on the journey!

TBB: New School’s New Visions, The Pawnbroker, I Am Me, Women at Work Festival

I have decided to keep it simple this week. Right now I am focusing on the next frontier for Theatre Beyond Broadway which I think would be beneficial for many artists. This past weekend, I spent time in discussion about the arts and women in the arts. How do we take what we do and share it beyond our boundaries? Sometimes it feels like beating a dead horse but in this day of technology, it’s ever growing and the possibilities are endless. While I continue to come up with answers, what are your thoughts?

If you aren’t a subscriber, you should be! Why? My weekly newsletter is packed with featured shows and organizations that you may want to see or learn more about.

Thanks and see you at the show!


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TBB: The Pawnbroker, I Am Me, EstroGenius Festival,King of the Hobos

As a contributing writer to The Write Teacher(s), I have been writing about literally about theatre beyond Broadway. I started local and began moving outside of the five boroughs. The stories about performing in other locations has now piqued an interest in me. I am wildly curious about visiting these places. As a New Yorker, I’ll be the first to admit being elitist about theatre. After all, I grew up going to both shows on Broadway as well as shows in a church basement. I thought I experienced it all which isn’t true. There’s so much to experience. So, readers, I would love to know where you have performed outside New York City and what that experience was like for you. You can either comment below or send me an email at

And I’ll see you at the show!

TBB: I Am Me, The Pawnbroker, Fountain of Youth, EstroGenius Festival

labor_day-rosieI am not sure how Labor Day just crept up on us but here it is. As summer slips into Indian Summer, I look back at the last 8 months in wonderment. How in the world did so much happen? Life in all its splendid glory truly blessed me with both great highs and deep lows. However, through all of it, I had you amazing people emailing me about your shows, emailing me about other people shows, following me on Twitter and liking the TBB FB page. I have worked on some great shows this year. No doubt. I have definitely seen some great work. Fantastic. I also have happened to work on female centric pieces this year. I did a recap of my year and each one of my clients have either been a one woman show or a production where there was a strong female lead(s). This means the world to me as I continue to work with The Pawnbroker in Fringe Encores, begin work with Nicole Kontolefa on her one woman site unspecific piece, I Am Me and return with EstroGenius for the their 15th year! It doesn’t get better than that.

As these women continue to rock our artistic worlds, the partnerships I have created with Cheryl King, Alice Shapiro, Heidi Russell and Qurrat Kadwani continue to be my manna.

I highly suggest that if you are interested in connecting with any of these women, let me know. All of them are fierce, inspiring and strong.

Have an amazing Labor Day and see you at the show!

TBB: Last Chance: The Pawnbroker, The Apple Tree; Free Ticket Giveaway to Donkey Punch

As one festival closes, more are opening. If you haven’t had the chance to see the Fringe, this is your last week to grab a few. I will be updating my tour as my schedule has shifted and, believe it or not, there is theatre outside of the Fringe Festival that I supported. It’s hard to be everywhere all the time. Stay tuned for info on the Women at Work Festival at Stage Left Studios and the EstroGenius Festival celebrates 15 years.

In honor of that, I am offering free tickets to Estro Alum’s Ivy Theatre and their production of Donkey Punch.

Uninhibited Kareena delves into monogamy while her uptight best friend, Sam, starts dating a pornographer. In the ultramodern world of sex, relationships and blurred lines, is it punch or be punched?

Question for you: What’s your favorite uninhibited play from the last decade and why?

TBB: The Pawnbroker, The Apple Tree, Summer of Love

There’s no reason not to support independent theatre especially when one of these shows may be the next Rent or The Book of Mormon or even The Glass Menagerie. Also, all of us started somewhere, so if you are an artist or are one in the confines of your four walls or even someone who appreciates it, please support! The second best part of seeing these shows is talking to other audience members. That’s for the next blog. Go to or visit my Facebook page and I’ll see you at the show!

TBB: FringeNYC Opens: The Pawnbroker, The Lost Ones, A 1940s Comedy of Errors

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of Theatre Beyond Broadway. That initial newsletter was all I had to share with you about the handful of upcoming shows. Now TBB has grown to have it’s own website, FB page and even it’s own business.

This is my thank you for keeping with me all these years and continuing to support and create art. Last night, I was at Alvin Ailey celebrating with other artists. Planet Connections Theatre Festivity had their annual awards ceremony where they give out awards recognizing the achievements of artists and organizations. I was fortunate to be on the team of three shows that won awards last night (Pieces, The Quest of the Hero! and Allie’s Appendix) as well as have friends that were also recognized for their work (Tatyana Kot and  John Patrick Bray).

I guess I am saying that you never know what will come out of an idea. Especially if it’s from the heart. My love for theatre is not a secret. I just believe it unifies people through being vulnerable and  collaborative. And I believe it needs to be seen. On that note, the Fringe opens this week. Please join me on my tour.

Also, I will be making some changes to the site and the newsletter. Stay tuned by following me on Twitter or Facebook. Have an amazing August and…

See you at the show.

TBB: The Pawn Broker, They Call Me Q, No Strings Attached

Everyone needs a vacation. Even though I did do some work (on the beach is not a bad place), I did manage to turn it off for a little bit. While away, I learned some useful nuggets of information:

1. Life does go on around you;

2. Always have multiple projects going on;

3. Be kind to people;

4. Every experience is a life lesson;

5. Art is reflective of the environment; and

6. Being a workaholic doesn’t guarantee accolades. Stop and smell the roses and be the best me.

And with that, I would like to congratulate Madame Infamy on their sold out shows and wonderful reviews. I would also like to thank them for asking me to be on their team. A wonderful experience. I am now on the team of The Pawnbroker as their publicist so you will be getting an invite to see the show in a few days.

Also, I will be adding new features to Theatre Beyond Broadway that will be helpful to you wonderful artists.

In the meantime, tune in tonight to Salon Radio as I am interviewing Katelin Wilcox and Jennifer Curfman (The Pawnbroker) and Danielle Earle on her upcoming film Lover’s Game. Tune in at 9pm on

And see you at the show!