Stepping Out of the Box

IMG_8022-001What a weekend! Today’s post will be full of gratitude. The weather was beautiful this weekend and I definitely took advantage of it. Many thanks to everyone who supported my shows in Planet Connections – Pieces, The Quest of the Hero and Allie’s Appendix – as well as all the other great pieces. Congrats to Josh Rivedal and his amazing one man show this weekend. What a performance!

Much love to those who came to the Victorian Tea Wedding at Maple Grove Cemetery. It was fun to dress in costume and be in the ceremony. Kudos to the poets at Inspired Word’s Poetry Slam at Funkadelic Studios. Being a judge reminded me that poetry slam is next on my list to do!

I spent yesterday running around the city on a relationship building scavenger hunt. I met some great people through Small Pond Enterprises‘ event. Unfortunately, I can’t go into detail here about one of the places I visited. I will say this though:

Unless we step outside of our box, we will never know what else is out there waiting for us. Walk through the fire folks!


See you at the show!

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