TBB: The Quest of the Hero, Pieces, Mein Uncle

CaptureHappy Memorial Day! This week has been a whirlwind of good art happening in the city. What are the chances of seeing 20 different performers in one night, two original musicals Off-Off Broadway and two offers I can’t refuse? The chances are actually pretty good when you hang out and support with fellow artists. Inspired Word rocks and if you live within the five boroughs then there’s no reason to stay at home writing your songs, poems, short novel in a vacuum. Come and perform. We want to be inspired. How else do artists have the guts to write original musicals? Or write a book on cats or anything like that?! (FYI: I’m not writing a book on cats).

I will be writing about theatre beyond Broadway for The Write Teacher(s). I am looking forward to blogging monthly for them as I have list of phenomenal artists that everyone should know about. Also, I am reading my poetry at the Queens Council of the Arts Block Party at Kaufmann Studios on June 21st. Check out my upcoming events for more info.

Be sure to check out Pieces, The Quest of the Hero & Allie’s Appendix in Planet Connections. Two weeks left. Let me know what you’re doing and…

See you at the show!

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