Guest Blogger: Megan Minutillo Creates Because It’s A Beautiful Thing

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Megan and I met about a year ago through our mutual friend, Michael Roderick. We are New Yorkers. We are artists. We are Libras. We hit it off in a second. We bonded over our mutual love and respect for art, specifically theatre. However, we have both crossed the beautiful line of this crazy world being our profession. And why do we do it. Why do we fill every moment of our lives, writing, performing, supporting? Megan says it all.
We had been working nineteen hour days.  We were covered in dirty, sweat, grease, and dust.  Our muscles hurt. Our bellies grumbled.  We just wanted to take a nap, but we couldn’t for the show must go on.  It must always go on.
At one point, I looked out at the beautiful water that surrounded our theater and this space that we were creating, and thought to myself, hold on to this moment. Tuck it away in a place you hold dear, and bring it out when you need to remind yourself of why it is what you do.
For us theater folk, well, we don’t do it for fame or fortune. Actually, perhaps I should clarify, the people I know, the people, the ones that I work with don’t do it for fame or fortune.
We do it to create. We do it because we cannot possibly fathom a life without it. For theater, well, it’s part of who we are.
You see, we are storytellers, and through our art, through our craft, we bring people together.  We remind others of the basic human threads that bind us all. For life, well, it ain’t about fame or fortune, it’s about love, it’s about family. It’s about friendships.  It’s about the tiny moments that stick to your soul.
Theater is the preservation of those tiny bits of human connection. It’s a spotlight on the pulse of humanity – and it’s just grand.
I have a couple of concerts coming up, one of which is Lucky Disaster Volume 4, featuring the music and lyrics of Ryan Scott Oliver with the words of The Write Teacher(s).  And just as I did with Volumes 1-3, I began to pour over Ryan’s work, finding songs that I think will best be served by this concert series…and his work has reminded me of the words above. That theater is the magnification of connecting to another person. Another heart. Another person’s pain. Another person’s story.
Ryan has an uncanny ability to make the darkest and most painful moments in life sparkle with their own special sort of beauty.
He writes in such a way that reminds us we are not alone.
He writes in such a way that reminds us that we are all in this crazy life together.
His work is written in such a way that it brings people together.
And that, for me, will always be a beautiful thing.
Megan Minutillo is a producer, director, writer, theater teacher, and the founder of The Write Teacher(s) – The Write Teacher(s) is an online arts magazine, dedicated to bringing audiences the latest and greatest in theater, film, television, visual art, books, music, and arts education. Megan’s writing has been featured on, So Worth Loving, Glass Heel, and I AM THAT GIRL.  Megan has directed and produced in and around New York City, including Guild Hall, 54 Below, Bay Street Theater, Don’t Tell Mama NYC, Stony Brook Southampton, and the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. Currently Megan is at work writing her first feature film, Broken Threads. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @MeganMinutillo. 

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