TBB: The Pawn Broker, They Call Me Q, No Strings Attached

Everyone needs a vacation. Even though I did do some work (on the beach is not a bad place), I did manage to turn it off for a little bit. While away, I learned some useful nuggets of information:

1. Life does go on around you;

2. Always have multiple projects going on;

3. Be kind to people;

4. Every experience is a life lesson;

5. Art is reflective of the environment; and

6. Being a workaholic doesn’t guarantee accolades. Stop and smell the roses and be the best me.

And with that, I would like to congratulate Madame Infamy on their sold out shows and wonderful reviews. I would also like to thank them for asking me to be on their team. A wonderful experience. I am now on the team of The Pawnbroker as their publicist so you will be getting an invite to see the show in a few days.

Also, I will be adding new features to Theatre Beyond Broadway that will be helpful to you wonderful artists.

In the meantime, tune in tonight to Salon Radio as I am interviewing Katelin Wilcox and Jennifer Curfman (The Pawnbroker) and Danielle Earle on her upcoming film Lover’s Game. Tune in at 9pm on http://www.cityworldradio.com.

And see you at the show!

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