TBB: FringeNYC Opens: The Pawnbroker, The Lost Ones, A 1940s Comedy of Errors

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of Theatre Beyond Broadway. That initial newsletter was all I had to share with you about the handful of upcoming shows. Now TBB has grown to have it’s own website, FB page and even it’s own business.

This is my thank you for keeping with me all these years and continuing to support and create art. Last night, I was at Alvin Ailey celebrating with other artists. Planet Connections Theatre Festivity had their annual awards ceremony where they give out awards recognizing the achievements of artists and organizations. I was fortunate to be on the team of three shows that won awards last night (Pieces, The Quest of the Hero! and Allie’s Appendix) as well as have friends that were also recognized for their work (Tatyana Kot and  John Patrick Bray).

I guess I am saying that you never know what will come out of an idea. Especially if it’s from the heart. My love for theatre is not a secret. I just believe it unifies people through being vulnerable and  collaborative. And I believe it needs to be seen. On that note, the Fringe opens this week. Please join me on my tour.

Also, I will be making some changes to the site and the newsletter. Stay tuned by following me on Twitter or Facebook. Have an amazing August and…

See you at the show.

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