TBB: The Pawnbroker, I Am Me, EstroGenius Festival,King of the Hobos

As a contributing writer to The Write Teacher(s), I have been writing about literally about theatre beyond Broadway. I started local and began moving outside of the five boroughs. The stories about performing in other locations has now piqued an interest in me. I am wildly curious about visiting these places. As a New Yorker, I’ll be the first to admit being elitist about theatre. After all, I grew up going to both shows on Broadway as well as shows in a church basement. I thought I experienced it all which isn’t true. There’s so much to experience. So, readers, I would love to know where you have performed outside New York City and what that experience was like for you. You can either comment below or send me an email at theatrebeyondbway@gmail.com.

And I’ll see you at the show!

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4 thoughts on “TBB: The Pawnbroker, I Am Me, EstroGenius Festival,King of the Hobos

  1. Malini!…we would love to have you visit Douglasville, GA and see what’s going on in this part of the theatre world! I believe you would be a great influence on our mostly church style community. Thank you for coming to my opening at Planet Hollywood and for the guest blogger post…I’m truly grateful.

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