Meet the Ushers (Part 2): Two Viewpoints on Attending the Theatre

Yesterday was about the experience of going to the theatre. Today we’ll meet two characters, Queen Gwendolyn and Rona Do Ya Wanna, who have very clear viewpoints on being a patron. Meet them and 9 others in Jessica Elkin’s Rise of the Usher.


photo (13)Queen Gwendolyn on her preparation for going to the theater.

Frankly, before I prepare myself to even enter a theater, I make sure that I am dressed properly. To me the theater is a sacred place and I rise to the occasion by wearing my pearls, mink stole, gloves, and a veiled hat. A visit to the performing arts library is also a necessity as part of my preparation if the show happens to be a revival. Every review, book, and film that I can get a hold of before I see the show has been carefully viewed in order for me to have some feeling of competency for what I am preparing myself to see. When I go to the theater I need at least a month of preparation for such endeavors, now if someone wants to provide me with comps, then I may make an exception.


photo (12)

Rona Do Ya Wanna  on going to the theater.

Well, some of my questions for going to the theater are:

  1. Who’s paying?
  2. Are drinks included?
  3. What about dinner and desert?
  4. And the most important thing is: are there any hot men in the show? Any nudity?

If all or at least a few of these elements are included then I’m game.

Come see what one usher will do to rise to the top of an ant hill.

July 14th – July 26th

Davenport Theatre, Black Box at 354 West 45th Street

Click HERE for more info.

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