Who’s in the Limelight?

Power of WordsNo. I am not talking about those crazyfunfabulous days at the now defunct club turned mall. Yet, still in the body of the church.

It’s November and art never rests. I figured what a great opportunity to showcase what my family, friends, and colleagues are creating. Over the next month, I’ll be unrolling their projects. If you are starved for art of any form or would like to get your feet wet, feel free to reach out to me or any of the artists. We are a supportive community that believes in the voice of the artist.

And to kick off the month, I found this great post by Diana Urban on 43 words you should delete from your writing. A tough read but I implemented her suggestions for this post. I hope I succeeded.

Name: Malini Singh McDonald

What are my current projects: The Eternal Space and Who’ll Save the Plowboy?

Why and how are you involved?  I am a producer and the marketing director for The Eternal Space about the demolition of Penn Station as well as the publicist for Who’ll Save the Plowboy? about what layers of untruths may unfold.

I have been involved with The Eternal Space for almost 2 and half years. It marries my love of theatre and my proud New York roots. Who’ll Save the Plowboy? sparked an interest as it was a play that had not been produced in 53 years in New York City. I was drawn to the subject matter and the enthusiasm of the producer.

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