Review: Comes a Faery by James McLindon

CaptureA young girl escapes into a world of imagination when her mother is deployed overseas. As time passes between video chats and calls, Siobhan regresses into the book her mother gifts her. The Faerie, Seaneen, jumps from the pages of the book, becoming both friend and foe to Siobhan. We observe the progression of her psychosis as well as the yearning of her leprechaun to reach his personal goal. Seaneen plays on the Siobhan’s deepest fears and tricks her into doing awful deeds so her mother will  return home.

Shaun Peknic directs this emotionally charged piece against a simple yet creative set – a large book symbolizing the bedroom and the downstage area as the living room and office. One of the lines of the play that stood out for me relates to art being a game changer. A game changer to me can mean many things. In the case of this play, I believe that seamless weaving of reality and folklore through the beautiful storytelling of this ensemble cast is a game changer.

Comes A Faery runs until October 24th.

New Ohio Theatre at154 Christopher Street, Suite 1E

Wednesday October 21 at 8PM
Friday October 23 at 8PM
Saturday October 24 at 8PM

Click HERE for more info.

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