The Connecting Project: Allverse “When One Succeeds, We All Succeed!”

6d6a60ac0f1ac9b0d0f8290ce5a53609Truth be told, I know two of the founders of this great organization. Neonu Jewell and Marc Christmas are two power house players who believe that everyone has the potential to be their best. They have been instrumental in my own life over the last couple of months with their passion and support. Definitely check out their consulting firm, Allverse Consulting that includes Life Coaching, Small & Medium Business Advisory Services, Personal Life Coaching.

The Connecting Project: Nicki’s Racing for the Cure

2762946_1418083780.0256 (1)As many of you know, I lost my best friend, Cas Marino, to cancer this year. Unfortunately, most of us have either been diagnosed or know someone who has been diagnosed. The bottom line is we aren’t are illnesses.

Nicki Fenice is an ardent supporter of breast cancer. She has done the MoonWalk, with which I am now fascinated and will look into it for 2015, and is now doing the Race.

She’s raising $1500 for her cause. Please click HERE for more info!

The Connecting Project: Oneka’s Neeked on Etsy

iusb_760x100.13512918_8vikOkay, raise your hand if you haven’t been on Etsy. Really? Then you need explore the artistry of these artisans. Especially of my friend Oneka who creates wonderful pieces using yarn, beads and strings. Her items are handmade and from now until the 31st, you can use the code MOVED444 at check out for 30% off! Happy Holidays indeed 🙂


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The Connecting Project: PKs on Scandal

CaptureIf you are one of my followers on Twitter and Facebook, then you are used to my reactions to Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and El Scandalo!

My friend, Candyce and her friends have a Youtube channel dedicated to Scandal. They recap with feedback on the episodes. Very funny even as they try to be sort of diplomatic around the choices the characters have made. Or Jesus turned water into wine so that Olivia Pope could drink it.

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The Connecting Project: 16 Days of People Doing Interesting Things

UntitledJust in case you didn’t get the memo, there’s 10 days till Christmas and 16 until the end of the year. Egads!

This has been such a great year for me in terms of giving back and all the cool stuff that people are doing. I learned about new platforms of giving as well as wonderful organizations that are doing some terrific work. So I decided that starting today until the end of the year, I am going to share information about organizations that my friends are connected to in order to bring awareness to their causes. I am also going to share some of their projects that may be of interest to you.
First up is ME! My personal charities are the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation for which I am participating in the Climb for the Cause and God’s Love We Deliver for which I have been volunteering. I will be climbing 66 flights of stairs in Rockefeller Center in March. If you would like to join my team or would like to support the cause, I’d love you on board. You can read my story on The Good News Project called Following My Dreams Through the Valley of the Shadow of MS.
I have also been delivering food for God’s Love We Deliver. It just happened to be the worst days we have experienced weather wise here in New York City. However, how lucky am I to be able to walk and be of service when others are sick and home bound. That’s what I kept fresh in my mind when I was knocking on doors and chatting with these wonderful people.
Happy Holidays!