Article on AllVerse and Our “April is National Poetry Month” Theme

imageIf Nobody Thinks of Remarkable Things
If nobody thinks of remarkable things…
Does the ordinary become extraordinary
What touching lyrics in songs would we sing
If nobody thinks of remarkable things…
Be encouraged
The heart stays dim, along with our dreams
If no one remembers the…[read more]

Hello, my name is Angela Skeete­-Davis and I am one of the four co­-founders of AllVerse. The other founders are Marc Christmas, Neonu Jewell, and Noreen Hollingsworth. What, you may ask, is AllVerse? Well, we like to describe ourselves as a global social network, committed to uplifting and elevating the planet through positive mediums such as verse, pictures, video, music, etc. Right now we can be found on Facebook. We have both a public page ­ where all members can post content, and a community page – where we, the founders, post content. We make it clear on our pages that while we honor all beliefs, all content should promote love and unity. We want everyone who visits our page to know that they… that everyone matters.

How did AllVerse come about? Another good question. The four of us were sitting around a table at a barbecue and the question came up ­ what would you do if you won $100 million dollars. In sharing our answers, we discovered that each of us wanted to make a difference in the world, each of us in a way that involved reaching out to people and connecting through a spiritual type of commonality. We talked about it but Neonu Jewell put it into action. She created AllVerse the company and we together created its vision.

AllVerse started on Facebook on September 12, 2014. Last year we had our first function ­ a small event where we gave out “contagious hugs”. We also created an AllVerse group­wide poem, and have created and given out AllVerse KITS which are “Kindnesses In Tiny Satchels”. This year, we are planning to expand our reach with even bigger events and more opportunities to get to know us.

Why write about AllVerse now? Well, we are in the midst of celebrating National Poetry Month. Every Tuesday,through the month of April, on our pages, we post a line of poetry and everyone interested posts a follow­up line. Then on Friday we post the finished poem. Our first post got over twenty responses. We are confident our numbers will increase as more people see our post and by the end of the month we will have four more AllVerse group poems.

How did this come about? I am a writer and Marc is a poet with ties to the spoken verse community. He even has a radio show that features spoken verse. On National Poetry Day, last year, we did something similar. We had a huge response and created a mammoth group poem which we are currently putting together in booklet to share with our members. When April started, in an impromptu phone conference, Noreen suggested we do something similar and called upon Marc and I to create a themed campaign. And that is how the one­line­contribution poem came to be.

Each week a different line will be offered and we hope our members will take that line and let their imaginations, poetic creativity, and hearts run wild. Then write whatever comes to them. There is no need to be a writer, poet, artist, or creative genius. If our line hits you, moves you, or inspires you to share a line, that is all we ask… that you share.

Why poetry? Poetry is the feelings and emotions we would not share in normal, everyday conversation. Poetry is often the vulnerable thoughts and feelings we find hard to reveal… thoughts that come from our spirit, our soul, our heart. What better time to share such thoughts than during poetry month and where better than on a page dedicated to ensuring everyone realize that they matter. We hope all of you who read this blog take the time to check out our page and contribute to the poems.

Why is AllVerse important? AH, the most important question of all. We at AllVerse believe that life is more than just getting up and going through the motions of day­to­day living; that there is a deeper dimension to life than our superficial reality. We believe that there is more to life than hatred, fear, and negativity; that life can be seen and enjoyed through the lens of love, light, joy, kindness, gratitude, and support. We hope to bring that love, light, joy, kindness, gratitude, and support to others in a way that will uplift them and inspire them. We hope that it will then encourage them to share their positivity with us. We hope people check out our page and are moved by our content; that they come to some of our events and are touched by them. We hope that whether they visit one of our pages, listen to our radio show (CALL­-IN Info: 724­444­7444 CALL ID 93155# Then Press 1… or you can join ONLINE/CHAT: or one of our events, they leave happier than when they arrived knowing, if nothing else, that they matter.

The Connecting Project: Allverse “When One Succeeds, We All Succeed!”

6d6a60ac0f1ac9b0d0f8290ce5a53609Truth be told, I know two of the founders of this great organization. Neonu Jewell and Marc Christmas are two power house players who believe that everyone has the potential to be their best. They have been instrumental in my own life over the last couple of months with their passion and support. Definitely check out their consulting firm, Allverse Consulting that includes Life Coaching, Small & Medium Business Advisory Services, Personal Life Coaching.