The Connecting Project: Raising Money for Lee

CaptureAs you know it doesn’t take a whole lot to tug at my heartstrings especially when I see preserverance. My friend, Amanda Fredette, is raising funds for her brother-in-law, Lee who is a member of the USA Wheel Chair Rugby Team! That’s pretty kickass. He needs equipment for his team. Amanda is near her goal of $2500. Please support her by clicking HERE.

The Connecting Project: Preservation of the Hearts

CaptureToday’s fundraiser is for the American Heart Association. When my friend, Deshae Clark, isn’t creating music, this veteran of the US Air Force is raising money to bring awareness for the number one cause of death in our country: heart disease.

Please consider a donation by clicking HERE.


The Connecting Project: Support Soma’s Youth

2759516_1418400374.5331I have many people in my life with big dreams! I am lucky to have Goncagul Ay in my life who plans to rise to the top of the mountain in support of women and children’s rights in Turkey. As part of her climb to the top, she started a fundraiser supporting children who lost their family members in a mine accident in Soma, Turkey. She is partnered with Turkiye Yardim Sevenler Dernegi (Turkish Philanthropic Association), a non-profit in Turkey.

Here is the link:

The Connecting Project: buildOn Empowers Youth

This is another wonderful education-based program that empowers youth. My friend, Giselle Martinez, is raising funds for buildOn which focuses on high school students graduating and moving onto college.

“95% of buildOn students not only graduate from high school, they go on to college.”

That’s a huge percentage especially when “82% of all prisoners in America are high school dropouts.”  I have had the opportunity to visit Sing Sing in support of their arts-based rehabilitation program. There’s no reason to be incarcerated or hit bottom to begin life.

Please support this cause by clicking on the pic!Capture


The Connecting Project: Chidinma’s Education Fund

As a former teacher and a lover of education, I believe everyone deserves a chance to be in a classroom. I also believe that since dreams come true everyone should dream big. My friend, Precious Ugwumba, is raising funds to send Chidinma to university in Nigeria. Admission into higher education institutions is very difficult but this young lady beat the odds and got accepted. She’s ready to make changes!

Precious has raised $600 out of $1000. Help her reach her goal!

Click on the pic for more info.2718532_1417572776.631



The Connecting Project: Tag, You’re It!

My gratitude starts as soon as my eyes open.  I am grateful that I am awake. I am grateful I have a home. I am grateful for my cat, Lita, that wakes me up to remind me to feed her ASAP!!!!

If you need a jump start into gratitude, the Arise Tag Challenge is perfect. My friend, Jamaal Thomas, explains how to express your gratitude in three different ways. The attitude of gratitude will lift you up whenever you feel yourself slipping! Trust me.

Click on pic to learn more! Actually. Tag, YOU’RE IT!


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The Connecting Project: Erica Simone is a Shooting Star

form_ericasimone_41Erica is a photographer that sees the soul of her subjects through her lens. As she says, her purpose “to render all things beautiful: both physically and spiritually, and to put a smile on people’s faces”. When Erica isn’t travelling the world capturing amazing shots, she teaches at-risk teens photography with Shooting Stars.

Check out her website and her indiegogo campaign!

The Connecting Project: Will You Eat Today?

History-of-statue-of-liberty-1I am currently enrolled in Leadership Training at Momentum and one the many gifts that has come out of my work has been the connection to the number of people who are homeless and/or hungry.

A few have reached out to me regarding my volunteer work with God’s Love We Deliver. They are one of many wonderful organizations providing meals for those who can’t provide for themselves.

Below is a brief list of organizations that need volunteers!  You can click on the name for more info. And if you are familiar with more, please comment.

Happy Holidays, folks!

New York Cares’ Breakfast at St. Bart’s

Soup Kitchen at the Church of St. Joseph

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Volunteer Match (List of Soup Kitchens in Brooklyn)

The Meatloaf Kitchen

New York City Coalition Against Hunger

All Souls Friday Soup Kitchen

The Queens Galley

Food Bank NYC

The Connecting Project: QuErica Does It All

Erica Lasan is a video host, jewelry designer, writer, philanthropist. When she isn’t bringing the underground above ground on QuErivca TV, she is also raising funds to send art supplies to children in Brazil, Cuba and Panama! You can click on the below image to become a subscriber as you can visit her site to learn more about her greatness!


IG/Twitter: @EricaLasan


The Connecting Project: Watt: You Power

5473bb39641d5_d558616523579de169492f66a2392703Sometimes it’s just best to use the words of the person who is bringing the awareness to their cause. Kenyanna Silverman-Maddox brings light to the situation:

I recently learned that 600 million people in Africa live without access to electricity, and this Hannuka and Christmas I’ve decided to do something to help.
I’ve started an Innovation: Africa campaign to help bring solar energy to a community in need, and to reach my goal, I’m going to need your help!

Donate to my page, and together we’ll make this holiday season brighter for families around the world:

Every little bit counts. Thanks for your support!

With Love,

Visit her page by clicking HERE.