Review: Pericles: Born in a Tempest

Photo by Al Foote III Theatrical Photography Honoring the Past and Present Pericles is one of Shakespeare's plays I haven't read so Hunger & Thirst Theatre (with The Guerilla Shakespeare Project) presentation Pericles: Born in a Tempest was ideal storytelling for me. A play within a play, Pericles is stripped to the essentials with a reimagining … Continue reading Review: Pericles: Born in a Tempest

Review: Village, My Home at the Community Theater

Village, My Home Review: In The Chaos of New York City, Is This A Village We Can Search Our Home? By Irene Hernandez A sepia shaded, vintage silent film of tree roots, on a constant loop, is projected on a small screen above a simple set of a small stoop of stairs begins the 40 … Continue reading Review: Village, My Home at the Community Theater

Review: The Other Plays

Theater Breaking Through Barriers ("TBTB") is a theater company that for whatever reason was not on my radar. This company was founded in 1979 as Theater By The Blind with a mission of dedicating and advancing the work of artists with disabilities. Their production of The Other Plays: Short Play About Diversity and Otherness showcased that mission. … Continue reading Review: The Other Plays

Review by Hayden Field: Performeteria

At the bar, a bright yellow skirt, pink sash and wide eyes greet us. Next to them is a man giving off distinctly pirate vibes, with a scarf wrapped around his head, a gray vest and... black-and-white Vans. Nearby, a woman with a partly shaved head grips a plastic knife. These are off-duty artists participating … Continue reading Review by Hayden Field: Performeteria

Review by Nick Radu: Deconstruction

The Storm Theatre Company kicked off its 20th season with the world premiere of Jonathan Leaf's play, Deconstruction. Upon stepping into The Theatre at Grand Hall at St. Mary's Parish you couldn't help but notice Scenic Designer Shannon Kavanagh's intricate set.  With a wall of books as the backdrop, and many more strewn along the steps, you knew a … Continue reading Review by Nick Radu: Deconstruction

Review by Nick Radu: Broken Bone Bathtub

She's naked. She's in a bathtub. And she's brilliant. Siobhan O'Loughlin is the petite powerhouse in this one woman show, bringing humanity to more than just the surface of the water she sits in. Per usual, Siobhan brings a group of people together, in an actual bathroom, where she sits in the tub and tells … Continue reading Review by Nick Radu: Broken Bone Bathtub