2017: Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive + 1 More

My personal mantra for a long time. There’s also this:

Be in action.

If there is something that’s calling to you and you have yet to do it, then place an intention (desire), give it to the universe (ask), know that it will come to be (believe) and then wait for it to manifest (receive). It’s not magical thinking. Sometimes they come to fruition fast and sometimes they take a while. I set an intention in June and it manifested this week. I had to take a step back to absorb the reality of the situation. It was pretty cool.

The main part of this though is being in action around that intention. The Theatre Beyond Broadway Community continues to grow as more artists are stepping into their own and producing beautiful work. I thank each of you who have contributed to my site and continue to share your art. It doesn’t have to be magnanimous. It can be. If Broadway is your dream, go for it. If indie theatre is your scene, then yes! If you want to do one show a year at your local community theatre, do it. Yours truly spent 2016 in all those worlds. More to follow on that on my Beyond Broadway column for The Write Teacher(s).

So what’s in your heart? And how can I support you?  Or better yet, how can you stand by you!

Happy 2017! See you at the show.


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