TBB: Last Chance: The Pawnbroker, The Apple Tree; Free Ticket Giveaway to Donkey Punch

As one festival closes, more are opening. If you haven’t had the chance to see the Fringe, this is your last week to grab a few. I will be updating my tour as my schedule has shifted and, believe it or not, there is theatre outside of the Fringe Festival that I supported. It’s hard to be everywhere all the time. Stay tuned for info on the Women at Work Festival at Stage Left Studios and the EstroGenius Festival celebrates 15 years.

In honor of that, I am offering free tickets to Estro Alum’s Ivy Theatre and their production of Donkey Punch.

Uninhibited Kareena delves into monogamy while her uptight best friend, Sam, starts dating a pornographer. In the ultramodern world of sex, relationships and blurred lines, is it punch or be punched?

Question for you: What’s your favorite uninhibited play from the last decade and why?