New York New Works Theatre Festival Returns & Accepting Submissions

LOGO_BUG+TYPE-resized-2-1_blkbg (1)I have worn many hats in this festival and the connections I made have been fruitful. Nick Radu’s Imaginary is now in the process of becoming a movie. So this is a great opportunity if you are looking for a platform to get your work seen by industry folks. They are currently accepting submissions through August 15th.
The Broadway panel behind the New York New Works Theatre Festival is once again donating their time to assist aspiring writers!
Approximately 50 writers will be given the opportunity to have their work reviewed by a panel of Broadway Producers, Emmy Award winners, Tony Award winners, and industry professionals at the 199 seat Duke Theatre this coming October.  Submissions are free and the Festival will absorb many of the costs so as to be manageable by the participants. The selection process is all about the talent and EVERY submission is reviewed by at least one Broadway Producer.
The historical performances have covered a large range of experience and have included a piece directed by Jayne Atkinson that is now heading to Broadway, a group where nearly all of the cast members were currently in leading roles ON Broadway, a Broadway revival that had been nominated for six Tony Awards when originally released, and talented writers from all walks of the industry who wanted a shot in front of the right people.
The energy is incredible and the successes have surpassed the team’s wildest expectations.  It truly is a one of a kind event.
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The panel includes: Gene Fisch, Jr., Lucia Kaiser, Hinton Battle, Larry Freitag, Larry Kaye, Paul Sladkus, Vincent Morano, Lauren Class Schneider, Jana Robbins, Douglas Denoff, Lizebeth Zindel, Christian Cazerez, R. Erin Craig, Cindy Sibilsky, Paula Levine, Stu Sternbach, Michael Barra, Carol Ostrow, Ben Cameron, Brette Goldstein, Craig “MuMs” Grant, Sjon Dowell, Benjamin Simpson, Joseph Longthorne, Matthew Lombardo, Aaron Grant, Stephanie Iscovitz


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***World Without End*** by Allison Zajac-Batell

In the new play World Without End, a grieving mother meets her widowed daughter-in-law for the first time. The two women struggle to find solace in one another despite what their disparate faiths might allow.

***Flesh & Spirit*** by Sara McDermott Jain & Steven Skeels

Michael, a priest, begins a journey of self-discovery that connects his life to that of Daphne, a drug addict and a prostitute. In trying to help Daphne and come to terms with his own sexuality, Michael incurs the wrath of his most devout parishioner, the scorned and jilted Mary.

***Most Likely To*** by Ryan Vincent Anderson
The recent barrage of tragic events regarding the deaths of unarmed black men splatter our news and social media feeds. With each new victim there’s another statistic. Another hashtag. Another protest. But how often do we get to see the humanity behind the incident?

***The Love Junkie*** Bridget Barkan
The Love Junkie is thestory of one woman’s journey on the road to recovery from sex and love addition. It’s a roller coaster ride of musical numbers, characters, comedy, spoken word,costumes, dancing and unapologetic truth.

***Trashman’s Dilemma*** by Bruce Gooch
10 years after The Purge, Words are feared, not spoken. Thoughts are tele-communicated. Memories monitored by CORP satellites. In a structure CORP monitors cant reach, a warrior and a disposable soldier encounter two refugees of The Purge. Language is reborn and with it hope for humanity. Of the four, two will live. Two will

***Palin LIVE!*** by Erica Vlahinos
See Sarah like youve never seen her before – voluntarily!
Its 2016 and Sarah Palin is back, but this time shes a MUSICAL! Spend an evening with the self anointed Maverick of Melody as she dances down the yellow brick road to the White House in Americas first ever musical campaign.

ALL PERFORMANCES AT TIMES SQUARE ARTS CENTRE, 300 W 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 – 2nd Floor AT 7PM sharp.


** Please note that tickets can also be purchased at the door on the evening of the performance, however purchasing in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment. Door Tickets: $35 CASH ONLY.