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***World Without End*** by Allison Zajac-Batell

In the new play World Without End, a grieving mother meets her widowed daughter-in-law for the first time. The two women struggle to find solace in one another despite what their disparate faiths might allow.

***Flesh & Spirit*** by Sara McDermott Jain & Steven Skeels

Michael, a priest, begins a journey of self-discovery that connects his life to that of Daphne, a drug addict and a prostitute. In trying to help Daphne and come to terms with his own sexuality, Michael incurs the wrath of his most devout parishioner, the scorned and jilted Mary.

***Most Likely To*** by Ryan Vincent Anderson
The recent barrage of tragic events regarding the deaths of unarmed black men splatter our news and social media feeds. With each new victim there’s another statistic. Another hashtag. Another protest. But how often do we get to see the humanity behind the incident?

***The Love Junkie*** Bridget Barkan
The Love Junkie is thestory of one woman’s journey on the road to recovery from sex and love addition. It’s a roller coaster ride of musical numbers, characters, comedy, spoken word,costumes, dancing and unapologetic truth.

***Trashman’s Dilemma*** by Bruce Gooch
10 years after The Purge, Words are feared, not spoken. Thoughts are tele-communicated. Memories monitored by CORP satellites. In a structure CORP monitors cant reach, a warrior and a disposable soldier encounter two refugees of The Purge. Language is reborn and with it hope for humanity. Of the four, two will live. Two will

***Palin LIVE!*** by Erica Vlahinos
See Sarah like youve never seen her before – voluntarily!
Its 2016 and Sarah Palin is back, but this time shes a MUSICAL! Spend an evening with the self anointed Maverick of Melody as she dances down the yellow brick road to the White House in Americas first ever musical campaign.

ALL PERFORMANCES AT TIMES SQUARE ARTS CENTRE, 300 W 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 – 2nd Floor AT 7PM sharp.


** Please note that tickets can also be purchased at the door on the evening of the performance, however purchasing in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment. Door Tickets: $35 CASH ONLY.


NY New Works Theatre Festival: Meet Ryan Vincent Anderson & Most Likely To

Name: Ryan Vincent Anderson

What is your current project? Most Likely To

Where are you performing it and why is it the right fit for your piece?

New York New Works Theatre Festival. This festival looks to give aspiring writers and performers a chance to be recognized by many people including an extraordinary panel of broadway producers, writers, and people of the industry who are looking to give back. It’s a great place to showcase my work since I have recently moved back to NY to kick my theater career into high gear.

What’s next for you?

The beauty and the scary things about what’s next is that it is unknown. I am currently wrapping up narration on the newest James Patterson “Alex Cross” audiobook titled Cross The Line. I hope to do more stage, TV and voice work in the near future, here in NY. I am also thirsty to travel overseas with my work.

Who is your biggest inspiration right at this moment and why?

Honestly I think my biggest inspiration right now are the many friends and colleagues I have that are still in this business. Some of them have seen some very major successes recently from Tony awards to series regular roles on TV. Others, like myself, have seen smaller victories but, no matter what, they don’t give up, because this difficult calling of being an artist is not to be taken lightly. I am inspired by the people around me that put their head down, clench their fists, and trudge forward, despite the punches and setbacks we receive.

Want More?

Twitter: @ryanvanderson

Other social media

Ryan Vincent Anderson is a native New Yorker from Rosedale, Queens. He studied architecture and drama at Carnegie Mellon University, and received a masters degree in acting from CalArts. Theaters: Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Independent Shakespeare Company, Antaeus Theatre Company, A Noise Within, PCPA, LATW, Theatre Row, and others. Film: Feeding Mr. Baldwin. TV: Scandal, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Eagleheart. VOICEOVER: World of Warcraft, Diablo III. AUDIOBOOKS: Cross The Line (the Alex Cross series) by James Patterson, A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James, and others. Visit his website for more info


300 W 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 – 2nd Floor
AT 7PM sharp.

*Disclaimer: Please be aware shows performing after 8:30pm may not be suitable for younger audiences. No children under the age of 4 are permitted.

** Please note that tickets can be purchased after 3pm the day of the show at the door are $25.

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