Meet Felix Rojas & Growing Up Gonzales

Name: Felix Rojas

What is your current project?

My current project is a one person, two act play called Growing Up Gonzales. Gonzales is a comedy with drama that tells the story of two brothers, Johnny and Cisco, who are brought together by death. It is Johnny’s job to clean out the apartment of the deceased Cisco. While cleaning he finds Cisco’s memoirs and discovers a brother he never really new. It’s a play about love, communication and forgiveness. It opens at The Medicine Show Theater on 52nd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues on Friday March 17th and runs through April 9th.

Where are you performing it and why is it the right fit for your piece?

The Medicine Show Theater is a nice intimate venue, the play works well in this setting, and the location is smack dab in the theater district. If we want theater people to see the show this is where it needs to be. This run of Gonzales is a showcase with the goal to attract some movers and shakers who can help move and shake the show to a bigger and more permanent venue. We have a small group of investors who believe in the project. I think their excitement is contagious. We’re hoping it rubs of on a few people.

What’s next for you?

I have a couple of projects in development. I have a comedy show called The National Improv League, I have two pilots for TV, a film script, a play with music (that should be traveling soon) and a musical. I think it’s important as a content creator to always have a thing or three in your back pocket. I think the musical will be up next. It’s a big, beautiful and haunting Caribbean spectacular. I’m hoping Gonzales helps connect me to the right people.

Who is your biggest inspiration right at this moment and why?

It’s not so much who but what. I am most inspired by people who have a dream that they refuse to give up on, I’m inspired by disabled people who accomplish more than able people, People who are kind, like my better half Saida, inspire me, great music that touches my soul inspires me, spiritual food, from any source, that helps me to understand myself a little better inspires me, words from Chekhov, Marquez and Hemingway inspire me, my kids inspire me…all of these things inspire me to create. Inspiration for me is active, it’s engaged…it reaches in a grabs a hold of my soul…sometimes gently and sometimes not. Gifted and brilliant inactive beings are still gifted and brilliant, they’re just not inspiring. I hope I never have to rely on any one person to inspire me.

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Felix Rojas is a writer, producer and director of theater, film and television in that order. After taking a 17 year hiatus from the entertainment business Rojas returned in 2010 with a string of hits that has earned him a top spot on NYC’S hottest writers list and has garnered several awards and nominations. Rojas writes about life from the inside out in a way that crosses all social, political, gender and cultural boundaries. With work that is difficult to place into a specific genre Rojas states that “I try to capture life not a genre…life has no genre”. Rojas has several projects for the stage, film and television that he calls “ground breaking”. He hopes to meet the right producer or show-runner that will help bring his work to the forefront.

Show information (venue, dates, ticket info)

MARCH 17th thru APRIL 9TH
549 W. 52ND STREET