Audrey Dimola is in the Limelight

Name: Audrey Dimola

What’s your current project: spreading positivity and power through guerrilla poetry stickers and handwritten/handmade street art

Why and how are you involved:

i feel that part of my duty on this earth is to be a messenger- to remind people of their own limitlessness and the power of words. aside from more traditional performances and self-published books, i’m basically finding every way i can to put those positive messages out into the world in unexpected places- chalk graffiti, guerrilla poetry stickers, handmade/handpainted signs tied up or velcro’d around the city. the compass project is actually migrating across the globe thanks to friends and fans of the stickers! some of my biggest messages are: STAY WILD, STAY GRATEFUL; IDENTIFY WITH THE INFINITE; THE MAGIC ONLY STOPS WHEN YOU SAY SO; and of course, very important to this mission- CREATE WHAT YOU WISH TO EXPERIENCE. bomb positive! change the landscape. if we don’t do it, who will?

Website/FB/Twitter handle:



Coney Island must be 50 to a 100 miles from

Sing Sing, Poughkeepsie

My youth is peppered with Astroland, the Cyclone, Ed Koch

Getting lost on the beach but remembering

Our towels were near the boardwalk

not completely in line with the Wonder Wheel

But near.

The long line to the Aquarium

The long line to Nathan’s

The long line to the Circus

Wanting to be a mermaid

Wanting to be a barmaid

Biohazard and Anthrax

Beasties and MIA

Judy Torres and Lisa Lisa

Blaring as we rode and flew

Under the moon

Surrounded by fluorescents

Against the faint rumbling of the trains

The salt water stuck to our skins

No one cared

as we lived in the Moment

Of possibly falling off the Cyclone.