Meet Joan Becht Willette

 Name: Joan Becht Willette

What’s your current project: “The Enchanted Goddess: Literary Creative Arts Series” is my dream project come true! I believe that women are born creators and that we transform our lives in creative community.  There is a monthly “The Enchanted Goddess Writing Workshop” for new and emerging writers. This is where we gather and break bread, share life experiences and write in community. Also, there is a monthly “The Enchanted Goddess Reading Series,” where we meet at The Astoria Bookshop and read an inspirational book together and have lively transformational discussions.

Currently I am working on a collection of poetry and prose entitled “Soul Retrieval.” I just finished a QAI funded project by RPGA Studios titled, “The Poet Is In.” This was a community based project in Socrates Park, where I created personalized ” Poetry Portraits” on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I was just featured as a “Literary Artist” in the debut web TV series “ArtistSpace” produced by Empyre Media Productions. Currently, I am being featured in a QPTV Artist Interview show – airing in December 2015.

It has been exciting to have several pieces of my work published in various journals this year! I couldn’t have done all this, without my amazing supportive creative Queens Artists Community!

Going to weekly Open Mic’s helps hone my craft. Upcoming features: December 2015: “Women’s Poetry Showcase” at Inspired Word, January 2016: “Nature of the Muse at LIC Bar and February 2016: “Boundless Tales” at Astoria Bookshop.

Why and How You Are Involved: “Creativity is the portal to transformation!” Women are overworked, overcommitted and overwhelmed in their everyday lives. I am a Baby Boomer and sexism ran rampant for decades in my life. I am “A New Age Feminist,” Women were conditioned to put everybody’s needs first at home, in the workplace and in our communities. Creativity is the life force that fills our wells. Women naturally gather and support one another, and it has been my dream to combine women collaborating and creating together in a relaxed and creative venue. “The Enchanted Goddess: Literary Creative Arts Series” provides a space for women to have creative discourse and create the life they have always dreamed of! Writing is a voyage of self discovery and Reading unlocks secret chambers of the soul. This is where the “alchemy of transformation” happens!  I know this for sure. It has happened in my life and I want to share creative adventures with the women in my community and beyond!


Facebook: or search by:The Enchaned Goddess: Literary Creative Arts Series.

Twitter: JoanofAstoria



Audrey Dimola is in the Limelight

Name: Audrey Dimola

What’s your current project: spreading positivity and power through guerrilla poetry stickers and handwritten/handmade street art

Why and how are you involved:

i feel that part of my duty on this earth is to be a messenger- to remind people of their own limitlessness and the power of words. aside from more traditional performances and self-published books, i’m basically finding every way i can to put those positive messages out into the world in unexpected places- chalk graffiti, guerrilla poetry stickers, handmade/handpainted signs tied up or velcro’d around the city. the compass project is actually migrating across the globe thanks to friends and fans of the stickers! some of my biggest messages are: STAY WILD, STAY GRATEFUL; IDENTIFY WITH THE INFINITE; THE MAGIC ONLY STOPS WHEN YOU SAY SO; and of course, very important to this mission- CREATE WHAT YOU WISH TO EXPERIENCE. bomb positive! change the landscape. if we don’t do it, who will?

Website/FB/Twitter handle:


Patrice Miller is in the Limelight

Name: Patrice Miller

What’s your current project: Poetry Electric’s Mother Tongue at La MaMa

Why and how are you involved? La MaMa has always opened its doors to me and invited me to challenge myself as an audience member and artist. I’m overjoyed to be a featured poet/performer at Poetry Electric.

Facebook/Twitter Handle:

(that’s me at the Inspired Word back in September – the gestures and faithful binder return Nov 9th!)

Valerie G. Keane is in the Limelight

Name: Valerie G. Keane

What’s your current project: As the event coordinator for Newtown Literary, I am running Book Trivia Night on November 2nd, a fundraiser for the Newtown Literary Journal.  You should come!  As a poet, I am reading with Saeed Jones and Molly Rose Quinn at the LIC Reading Series at LIC Bar in Long Island City on November 10th at 8pm.  As founder of Poetry & Coffee, I hold monthly meetups to discuss poetry (the one rule is that it cannot be your own work) over food and drinks in various locations in NYC/Westchester/LI.  Next month, November, is the 2nd anniversary of the group.  In the last year, I’ve expanded it into Poetry Hikes and special events for book-length poems.  In the second half of 2016, I will be developing Poetry & Coffee nationally and internationally.  But in the first half of 2016, I will be concentrating on my own writing, submissions, and finally putting a manuscript together.  In the middle of all of this, I am a former executive director who is looking for a full-time position as an office manager, project manager, event planner, or all-around kick-ass assistant in a company that is doing good things in the world.  Hire me!

Why and how are you involved?  I am involved in the world because I am supremely interested in the world.  I am also supremely interested in things BEYOND this world, which is probably why I can handle everything in my life with a fair amount of patience and not take myself too seriously.  I really just want to leave the earth at the end of my days having made a few people a little happier and their lives a little easier.

Websites: ;

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I have passion

I have faith

I have intuition

They are all very strong within me

Sometimes they all get confused within

When I try to pull them apart

They gravitate to the each other



Unable to grow without the other parts

Intuition is as passionate as faith

Passion is as faithful to intuition

Faith is as intuitive as passion

All are interlinked

Faith is a passionate intuition.

I thank the wordsmith who said it

He has always been an unknown source

Of faith of passion of intuition

For poetry is the spontaneous of overflow of powerful feeling.