Review: Such Nice Shoes

such nice shoes-9.jpgThere are times when I walk into a theatre not really wanting to see my own life on stage. However, watching a day in the life of Christine Renee Miller, actually made me feel grateful for the life I have and how important it is for us to use this platform to share our stories. Miller is known in the theatre circles as Emmy winner, Matt Hoverman’s collaborator for their Go-Solo Classes. The solo shows that have been produced from their classes have been moving and successful. This show is no different. Miller magnificently and smoothly transitions through no less than 10 characters that she encounters in one day. We meet the sassy homeless woman who kicks off Miller’s day in the early morning to the Indian palm reader to the sexist yoga client. Staged in Theater Lab’s white space with Lianne Arnold’s projections and Kia Rogers’ lighting design to support locations, director Andrea Dantas creatively and poignantly questions us: “Does New York chew us up and spits us out and how do we handle the outcome?”


Monday Oct 17 at 7pm *talkback post show
Thurs Oct 20 at 8pm
Fri Oct 21 at 8pm
Sat Oct 22 at 8pm

TheaterLab is located at 357 W 36th Street 3rd floor (b/w 8th and 9th Aves). A/C/E to 34th Street / Penn Station.

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Tickets: $20