The Connecting Project: Will You Eat Today?

History-of-statue-of-liberty-1I am currently enrolled in Leadership Training at Momentum and one the many gifts that has come out of my work has been the connection to the number of people who are homeless and/or hungry.

A few have reached out to me regarding my volunteer work with God’s Love We Deliver. They are one of many wonderful organizations providing meals for those who can’t provide for themselves.

Below is a brief list of organizations that need volunteers!  You can click on the name for more info. And if you are familiar with more, please comment.

Happy Holidays, folks!

New York Cares’ Breakfast at St. Bart’s

Soup Kitchen at the Church of St. Joseph

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Volunteer Match (List of Soup Kitchens in Brooklyn)

The Meatloaf Kitchen

New York City Coalition Against Hunger

All Souls Friday Soup Kitchen

The Queens Galley

Food Bank NYC