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Friends, you are officially invited to join Theatre Beyond Broadway: The Community! Click HERE now to join me and others.

One of my many goals when I created Theatre Beyond Broadway in 2012 was to build a community of passionate artists that would empower each other. Being in the arts is not the easiest road on which to travel but the reward, as you know, is beyond words. Even though I have been an active member in the theatre community for close to 20 years, I still am learning. For example, I had my first circus production experience this past weekend. I kicked off 2015 as a production assistant at Circus Now‘s inaugural awards ceremony at the Big Apple Circus. Amazing!

These experiences allows me to broaden my circle. I have met wonderful poets, musicians, solo performers, dancers, artists…the list goes on. I think it’s time for you to meet each other and share your art.

Why TBB: The Community? This is an open forum for the following:

  1. Support and advice;
  2. Upcoming auditions and performances;
  3. Information on conferences and networking opportunities;
  4. The opportunity to meet and expand your artistic circle.

I mention the circus opportunity as it came via a director for whom I did PR for two and half years ago at the Fringe. You never know what will come your way and when. It’s about being plugged in and sharing the resources. And with that, join me on the journey!

A Festival of Fun (or Tears) or Producing 201

FestivalTruth be told, my upcoming article for The Write Teacher(s) is about participating in the many theatre festivals offered in our country. I wrote about the experiences of being in a festival and the benefits of having your show as part of it. Then Ken Davenport wrote an excellent blog on the many festivals around the world but went even further and listed them. I want to personally thank him for doing this because I had started the research.

This morning I sat down with a printout of the shows participating in FringeNYC. There’s no way I am going to be able to see all of them but I did highlight 45 of them including The Pawn Broker (I’m doing their PR). The next step is to then cull from those 45 what will fit in my schedule. When I did the Fringe tour last year, I think I saw about 15 because I didn’t fully plan the tour a month in advance. I was busy working on Naked In Alaska and See Jane Give Up Dick that I totally spread myself thin. I also was working with the EstroGenius Festival on their season. Festivals are great way to get your production in front of an audience. Like Ken says, you are definitely one in a million and you have to work 5 times as hard to get your piece to stand out. At the end of it, though, you come out ahead because you’ve learned how to produce a show.

Here’s the list:

Theater Festivals From Around The World

The Big Ones:

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland

Festival of New Musicals, New York, NY

London International Festival of Theatre, London, England

New York Musical Theatre Festival, New York, NY

New York International Fringe Festival, New York, NY

Williamstown Theatre Festival, Williamstown, MA

Other Awesome Ones:

Bard SummerScape, Annandate-on-Hudson, NY

Barrington Stage’s Musical Theatre Lab, Pittsfield, MA

Berkshire Theatre FestivalStockbridge, MA

BSU Discovery New Musical Theatre Festival, Muncie, IN

Children’s Musical Theatre Festival, New York, NY

Contemporary American Theatre Festival, Shepherdstown, WV

Dorset Theatre Festival, Dorset, VT

Downtown Urban Theater Festival, New York, NY

Dream Up Festival, New York, NY

Dublin Theatre Festival, Dublin, Ireland

Estrogenius, New York, NY

Festival of New American MusicalsLos Angeles, CA

Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival, Auburn, NY

Fresh Fruit Festival, New York, NY

Frigid Festival, New York, NY

Junior Theater Festival, New York, NY

KO Festival of Performance, Amherst, MA

Midtown International Theatre Festival, New York, NY

Minnesota Fringe Festival, Minneapolis, MN

National Black Theatre Festival, Winston-Salem, NC

The New York Children’s Theater Festival, New York, NY

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, OR

Pacific Playwrights Festival, Costa Mesa, CA

Planet Connections Festivity, New York, NY

Revolutions International Theatre Festival, Albuquerque, NM

Rogue Festival, Fresno, CA

The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival, New York, NY

Spoleto Festival USA, Charleston, SC

Strawberry One-Act Festival, New York, NY

Thespian Festival, Lincoln, NE

United Solo Theatre Festival, New York, NY

Village Theatre: Festival of New Musicals, Issaquah, WA

The West Village Musical Theatre Festival,  New York, NY

World Stages International Theater Festival, Washington, DC

TBB: Madame Infamy, Excelsior Burlesque, North to Maine

Happy Monday, readers! Just a quick note that I will be on vacation until the 28th. That means I will not be updating TBB this coming weekend. If you are participating in FringeNYC, please let send me your show information as well as a FB invite. I enjoy attending as many shows as possible in the Fringe and am currently working on my calendar. Break legs and thank you for creating theatre!

See you at the show…when I get back!

If you haven’t had a chance to see Q’s show, I highly recommend catching it at St. Luke’s. Here’s my review, Q Told My Story.Special Discount Offer for my TBB subscribers! 50% off tix. See below for more info.

a solo play written and performed by
“A winning tale!” – The Village Voice
“A theatrical experience to remember!” – Broadway World
“Rewarding on a life-size scale!” – StageBuddy
308 WEST 46 ST, NYC
Mondays 7pm / Saturdays 2pm in July
Tix for $35.50 with discount code  (Telecharge price $59.50+fees)
Discount Code: MQSpecial
Full reviews/trailer at:
FB, Instagram, Twitter @theycallmeQshow


Guest Blogger: Jp Vigliotti’s Curious Mind Leads to a Musical

Concept and Book by Jp Vigliotti, Music  and Lyrics by Cardozie Jones and Sean Willis,
Concept and Book by Jp Vigliotti, Music and Lyrics by Cardozie Jones and Sean Willis

Who doesn’t know about Sally Hemings and Marie Antoinette? At this point, we enjoy the tabloid history of both women because it’s dangerous and sexy at the same time. There’s also a part of me that thinks that the scandals of yestercentury would make a good E! True Hollywood Story or Vh1 Special. When I was approached about doing the PR for Madame Infamy in NYMF, I was intrigued especially when Jp told me why he had to write a musical about these women. And here is why:

Many years ago while I was on tour stage managing a show, I came across a book on Sally Hemings because I had always been fascinated by the myth of her.  I wound up reading the book cover to cover in record time because I became enthralled by the possibility that our third president of the United States could have fathered children with his slave. After I finished the book, I thought this would make an incredible play but always felt that she would need a “sister voice” in solidarity. 

Many years later while I was in living in LA, I treated myself to the movie Marie Antoinette. The only thing I knew about Marie Antoinette was that she was Queen of France, she was beheaded and she said “Let them eat cake”. Though this movie was beautiful visually, it left me with a lot more questions than it did answers. This led me straight to the biography section of Barnes and Noble, where I picked up the copy of Antonia Fraser’s “The Journey.”  Viola!  What I found was not only an incredible detail of a fascinating life but I found my sister voice to my first love, Ms. Hemings.

I learned that these two seemingly different women, one a slave and one a queen could have lived parallel lives and quite possibly even have been in the same room and space at one time. Madame Tussaud was the added jewel that cemented the fate of this musical coming to fruition. I had a woman who was present at the time that both these women lived in France. She observed people and could have possibly known both of them as she has access to each.   It could not be more perfect… thus Madame Infamy was created.

The title refers to all three women because each of them have become historical legends in their own right.  In fact three full musicals could be written about each of them, but I am a visionary and that would be too easy. So one musical that covers the lives of three very different women who are connected through chance was far more my style.

Madame Infamy runs in NYMF (New York Musical Theatre Festival)

Performance Dates:  Wednesday, July 23rd at 8:00pm; Thursday, July 24th at 9:00pm; Friday, July 25th at 5:00pm;Saturday, July 26th at 9:00pm; and Sunday, July 27th at 1:00pm

Performance Venue: The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre at The Pershing Square Signature Center at 480 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036

Click HERE for more info.

TBB: Festival Season, Madame Infamy, They Call Me Q, Woman at the Funerals

FestivalWe are truly in the middle of New York City’s Festival season. There’s the Fringe Festival (FringeNYC), New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), The Strawberry Festival, The Brick Comic Book Theatre Festival, The West Village Musical Theatre Festival (WVMTF) and so much more. It’s hard to know which shows to see in which festival in addition to the myriad of shows that have runs over the summer. I have to sit with the months of July and August to balance it out. Luckily, since I do PR and have many friends in the shows, I can narrow them down. However, I do like to see a show in which I’m not connected.

So I’ll start off by saying that I will be seeing Pageant Princess on Friday night and They Call Me Q on Monday (see below for more info on a half off tickets for that performance).
Madame infamy is my NYMF show which, if you haven’t heard yet, I’m over the moon about it. It’s already been lauded as the show to see by the NYTimes this summer. You should definitely check it out.
The Pawn Broker is my FringeNYC show, which is an awesome one woman show about the women of Bertolt Brecht. More info on that to come.
Visit for more info on upcoming shows.
And see you at the show!

They Call Me Q is offering a 50% ticket for the 6/30 show to my subscribers. The more the merrier. Join me and click HERE for more info.
I just joined The Write Teacher(s) as their contributing writer on Beyond Broadway. Click HERE to read my debut article on The Josephine Foundation.