Valerie G. Keane is in the Limelight

Name: Valerie G. Keane

What’s your current project: As the event coordinator for Newtown Literary, I am running Book Trivia Night on November 2nd, a fundraiser for the Newtown Literary Journal.  You should come!  As a poet, I am reading with Saeed Jones and Molly Rose Quinn at the LIC Reading Series at LIC Bar in Long Island City on November 10th at 8pm.  As founder of Poetry & Coffee, I hold monthly meetups to discuss poetry (the one rule is that it cannot be your own work) over food and drinks in various locations in NYC/Westchester/LI.  Next month, November, is the 2nd anniversary of the group.  In the last year, I’ve expanded it into Poetry Hikes and special events for book-length poems.  In the second half of 2016, I will be developing Poetry & Coffee nationally and internationally.  But in the first half of 2016, I will be concentrating on my own writing, submissions, and finally putting a manuscript together.  In the middle of all of this, I am a former executive director who is looking for a full-time position as an office manager, project manager, event planner, or all-around kick-ass assistant in a company that is doing good things in the world.  Hire me!

Why and how are you involved?  I am involved in the world because I am supremely interested in the world.  I am also supremely interested in things BEYOND this world, which is probably why I can handle everything in my life with a fair amount of patience and not take myself too seriously.  I really just want to leave the earth at the end of my days having made a few people a little happier and their lives a little easier.

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TBB: Planet Connections Final Week, Our Bar, Newtown Literary Release

CaptureBelieve it or not, I do actually do activities that are non-theatrical. This past week, I decided to take a night off and hang out with some fellow artists at an open mic for Inspired Word.  I read three poems that are in the running for my performance at the Kaufman Studios Block Party.  I don’t perform as much as I used to by choice.  I really enjoy being behind the scenes producing, directing and promoting. However, it is important for me to feel  the butterflies and fear of speaking in front of people, so I can effectively communicate with fellow artists. It is one of the reasons I asked my friends to be my guest bloggers. I like to read and share their experiences with you.

As of this Friday, Valerie G. Keane will by my First Fridays guest blogger. Valerie is a passionate and opinionated artist whose work is published in Newtown Literary Magazine. She is also the curator of Poetry and Coffee, a monthly poetry salon where people discuss great poetry.

I want to thank Josh Rivedal, Nick Radu, Adam Kern, Kate Powers, Dawn Slegona McDonald, Ian McDonald, Isaac Klein,  Linda Gnat-Mullins and Cas Marino for being my guest bloggers.  I appreciate them taking the time to share about their wonderful work.

And on to June. Keep me posted on your shows as summer has Fringe, Midtown International Festival, NYMF and so much more.

See you at the show!