Meet Amanda Nicastro & I’m Just Kidneying

Giancarlo Osaben, production photographer
Name: Amanda Nicastro
Tell us about you. 
I write and produce a lot of my own work but that’s not what I originally set out to do. And I still have a lot of self doubt with the definition of “writer.” If you would have asked college aged Amanda, “Is your dream to write and produce your own work?” She would have said, “Heck, no! I want people to cast me in their stuff so all I have to do is memorize the lines!” Ha! But when I look back on my creative career I have pursued and realized a lot of my own creative projects.
Tell us about your current project? 
I’m Just Kidneying is a comedic portrayal of how I donated a kidney for my sister through a paired donation and wound up also helping save the life of a Trump supporter. It all started with a couple funny instances during my living donor evaluation that I turned into comedy sketches. From there I decided I wanted to make it a solo show, and I wanted to use humor as a tool for advocacy. When I found out the other donor was a MAGA Head it added another crazy level to my story.
Where are you performing your show and why is it a good fit for your production? 
I’m Just Kidneying has a run at Frigid Fringe Festival Feb 22-March 9. My show isn’t a traditional storytelling show nor is it quite a traditional comedy/sketch show. It’s a little bit of both and I find that mix is the perfect recipe of what Fringe audiences are looking for when they are deciding what shows to see.
What’s next for you? 
Edinburgh Fringe! I just signed a contract with a venue and I’m so excited to be bringing I’m Just Kidneying to the world’s first and largest Fringe Festival.
What is the name of the last show you saw? 
Haha! My husband and I actually just saw Hamilton! He’s a huge American History buff and has wanted to see the show for the longest time. The tickets were his joint birthday and Anniversary present.
Any advice for your peers?
Self doubt is your worst enemy. I can’t tell you how many times I almost talked myself out of a creative project that turned out either successful or rewarding.

Show Information:

  • Friday Feb 22nd, 5:30pm
  • Saturday Feb 23rd, 8:50pm
  • Sunday Feb 24th, 1:50pm
  • Monday March 4th, 10:30pm
  • Saturday March 9th, 5:30pm

Where: Under St Mark’s Theatre at 94 Saint Mark’s Place


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Meet Mary Goggin & Runaway Princess, a Hopeful Tale of Heroin

Name: Mary Goggin

Tell us about you. I am a bestselling, award winning storyteller!! Irish born parents ..New York born.. 31 years sober on February 18, 2019 !! I am a professional union actor for the last 20 years .

Tell us about your current project?

Runaway Princess, a Hopeful Tale of Heroin, hooking and happiness is about hope.. I wrote this show to heal myself and others. I am finding that in government funding , the use of methadone and narcon is other words do not talk and do not die it looks better politically. My show is about talking about everything .. and healing and hope!! Big time!!

Where are you performing your show and why is it a good fit for your production?

I’m at Frigid Festival now under St. Mark’s ..its somewhere I would’ve gone when I ran away to the village in the 60s’s synchronicity the Frigid Festival is amazing friendly and fair when it comes to $$$

What’s next for you?

I’ve been invited to Savannah to do the show in the county jail I may do Atlanta Fringe ..waiting to hear.. ..Dublin Fringe later this year which just seems right as that’s where the story begins … most of all I am listening to the universe to tell me what’s next! Mostly, I listen to my award winning director, Dan Ruth. I consider Dan to be my mentor as well ..I don’t know if he knows that.. he does now ..but in terms of the path to success iwith a solo show I want what he has I do what he does and follow his suggestions. I am grateful that he is in my life was another instinct situation finding him.

What is the name of the last show you saw?

The Ferryman

Any advice for your peers?

Follow your heart, your passion.. listen to your insides, your instincts… network.. be specific and honest..keep supportive people in your life.

Show Information:

Runaway Princess, a Hopeful Tale of Heroin, Hooking and Happiness Written and performed by Mary Goggin. Directed by Dan Ruth

When: Feb. 20 @ 5:30pm Feb. 24 @ 5:10pm Feb. 28 @ 7:10pm March 4 @ 7:10pm March10 @3:30pm

Where: FRIGID New York @ Under St. Marks, 94 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10009

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COST: $20.00 ($15.00 for seniors, students and military)


VISIT MARY GOGGIN:; Facebook: runawayprincessplay; Twitter: @marypat218; instagram: #marypat218


Thank You, Robot Photo credit: KL Thomas
The Long Miserable Journey to Happiness
Sunday, July 2 @ 5pm & Wednesday, July 19 @ 7pm 
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place) $12
Fringe 2011’s Best Newcomer Nominee Paul Valenti is going back to Edinburgh. This time on a casual quest for Universal Truth. Put yourself in Paul’s hands while he clowns, cajoles, charms, flips, falls and flops his way to discovering what exactly—if anything—makes us truly happy. Paul invites you to leave your baggage at the door and join him on a quest for the unseekable: Happiness.
Category: Solo Show; Clown
Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off!
Sunday, July 2 @ 8pm $10 in advance; $15 at the door
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off! features NYC’s funniest female comics and sassiest burlesque acts. Past performers have been featured in films, seen on TV, and perform at venues all over the world. This is a fast paced sexy show, exploding with talent.
Category: Comedy; Burlesque
The Open Mic Downstairs 
Hosted by Dan Ricker & Mike Milazzo
Every Tuesday @ 9pm $4 at the door
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
At The Open Mic Downstairs the focus is the stage! Sign-ups get seven minutes to try anything in one of the most supportive rooms in New York. Whether it’s a performance art piece, comedy, music, storytelling, dance, or something entirely off the top of your head, you’ll find a home in the attentive welcoming community at UNDER St. Marks.
Category: Open Mic; Variety 
FEAST: A Performance Series
Wednesday, July 5 @ 7pm $15
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
Feast: A Performance Series invites you to the table for a fresh and delicious three-course performance series. Co-curators Conrad Kluck and Alex Randrup offer an evening of performances from the worlds of theater, music, dance and poetry, including a new work-in-progress staged reading by our monthly-featured playwright. We’re cooking up new works every month!
Category: Variety; Play Development 
Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret
Wednesday, July 5 @ 9:30pm $15
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret is Gotham’s Premiere Variety Show: Comedy, Music, Burlesque, Vaudeville, and More! Hosted by Canadian import Jillian Thomas; featuring Bill Chambers and Gregory Levine – and a rotating cast of the entertainment cream of NYC, America and Canada. Created and Produced by Rob Dub and Gregory Levine.
Category: Variety; Comedy; Vaudeville 
Saturday, July 8 @ 2:30pm $15; $5 for kids under 12
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
CHALK is a playful and poignant one-man show guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages. Chalk invites audiences into a hand-drawn world where imagination is made real and anything can happen. Charlie Chaplin meets Harold and the Purple Crayon in this feel-good romantic romp sure to “Draw You In.” Category: Solo Show; Kids; Family Friendly 
A Brief History of Beer
Saturday, July 8 @ 10:30pm $12
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
A Brief History of Beer is a one hour drinkeractive comedy where the audience travels through time with William Glenn and Trish Parry, all the way back to Ancient Sumeria, through to today, on a mission to save beer from a mysterious nefarious person! Each month has a different theme so you can always come back and fill your cup with beery knowledge and fun!
Category: Comedy; Food & Drink
Cabaret Showdown: Winners Showcase
Sunday, July 9 @ 5:30pm $10
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Join last month’s winner of the Cabaret Showdown as they star in their own show!
Category: Cabaret; Music
The Cabaret Showdown
Hosted by Mark McDaniels 
Sunday, July 9 @ 7pm  $12 (includes a free drink)
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street) 
Do you have what it takes to be a cabaret champion? Contestants compete for the chance to star in their own show or cabaret. Come out and join the fun! Whether you are a contestant or in the audience you are guaranteed to have a blast. Category: Cabaret; Music; Game Show
The Adam Wade Show
Featuring Moth StorySLAM Champion, Adam Wade
Tuesday, July 11 @ 7pm $10
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Adam Wade (Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, NPR regular), a staggering 20-time Moth Story Slam winner, has put together many of his winning heartfelt and humorous stories for this special monthly show. No two shows are the same. A different featured guest will start the evening off.
Category: Comedy; Storytelling
Sketch Block 
Wednesday, July 12 @ 9pm $10
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
Sketch Block is a comedy showcase that gives sketch troupes an opportunity to perform without the pressure of bringing in an audience. Also, Sketch Block does not force their audience to pay for drinks. We believe that it’s your choice to drink or not. It’s about the comedy. Sketch Comedy meets Block Party. This monthly show features a guest host comedian, three guest sketch troupes and drinking. Come meet, mingle, and perform!
Category: Comedy; Sketch Comedy
Pretty Bad
Thursday, July 13 @ 10pm $15
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Pretty Bad is a show that pairs professional models with professional comedians to make imperfect improv under perfectly funny circumstances.
Category: Comedy; Improv
Saturday, July 15 @ 10:30pm $10
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
LO-FI NYC is a live taping of the comedy show you always dreamed of. Recorded only on iPhones and a 10-year-old Sony handicam, this fast-paced trash heap of a show features the best sketch, stand up, hammer giveaways and musicians from the big apple and beyond. It’s like The Muppet Show, but there aren’t any puppets and everyone is drunk.
Category: Comedy
Caribbean Nights Concert Series
Thursday, July 20 @ 10:30pm $15
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street) 
This is gong to be one exciting show of artists sharing the stage with Reggae and Hip Hop music that no doubt will get you out of your chairs! Featuring E.M.M.P. Inc Feddy Jones from Puerto Rico, Binky from the USA, Floydy Wonder from Jamaica, Grey Mann from Trinidad, and Cavell Simms aka DJ NUKID from Jamaica.
Category: Music; Reggae; Hip Hop
Thank You, Robot
Friday, July 21 @ 10:30pm $5
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
A showcase for independent and established improv teams. For each show, two teams join Thank You, Robot to perform sets of unscripted comedy, never seen before and never to be seen again. Category: Comedy; Improv
The Torchlight Series
Presented by Cave Theatre Company
Wednesday, July 26 @ 7pm $10
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
It is within caves that the first art appeared – tales of humanity carved or painted on the rock walls. Our ancestors walked deep into the earth away from all light and created stories with paint, with fire, with song. We now venture into the dark as our ancestors did and strive to do the same.
Category: Play Development
The Varietal Hour
Friday, July 28 @ 10:30pm $10
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
The Varietal Hour showcases a diverse collection of talent from around the city. Host and two-time Tony Award rehearsal attendee Lucas Womack splits a bottle of wine with guests as they perform anything from stand up to soft shoe, from storytelling to juggling, and very little in between. Or maybe all of it. Join us as we celebrate variety and varietals!
Category: Variety; Food & Drink
Comic Sutra Saturday
Saturday, July 29 @ 10:30pm $10
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place) 
Join us on an endless journey, where desire meets dick jokes, all under the guise of Eastern mysticism. Allow us to re-open those chakras deep inside you and be embraced by our tantalizing, tantric tales and tunes. Comedy. Music. The Unknown. Only at COMIC SUTRA SATURDAYS! Category: Comedy
New York Madness
Sunday, July 30 @ 8pm $10
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Madness: is a raw and unpredictable show of short plays by an ensemble of playwrights presented fully staged with scripts in hand. Each night has a Theme, which is given out a week before the event. The collective works in an evening kaleidoscope that cultural moment. It is a snapshot of where we are politically, culturally, and artistically. A Madness is a forum for all writers to explore the boundaries of modern theater.
Category: Short Plays; Staged Reading
FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade is a theater development group with a focus on new work that produces a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater every season. FRIGID’s Resident Artist Program offers a home to a select group of Independent theater artists, pooling together a great deal of talent and energy. FRIGID New York grew out of the annual FRIGID Festival, the first and only festival of its kind in New York City to offer artists 100% of their box office proceeds, and Horse Trade Theater Group, a self-sustaining theater development and management group.
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Meet Lucie Pohl & Apohlcalypse Now!

Name: Lucie Pohl

What is your current project? Lucie Pohl: Apohlcalypse Now!

Where are you performing your show and why is it a good fit for your production?

Under St. Mark’s Theater at 94 St. Mark’s Place NYC. Apohlcalypse Now! is a show I wrote after an avalanche of disasters exploded into my life over the course of about 2 years and what I tried to do is grab the audience and throw hurl them onto a roller coaster ride with me. Under St. Mark’s is the perfect space to do that; the moment the audience climbs down those stairs and steps through the door they are already on a journey with you. Under St. Mark’s is not only as intimate as my show but also as gritty, real and unmistakably New York. I cherish this theater since it is one of the last of its kind in the city and hearkens back to a time where you could fall down a manhole on Bowery and land in the most amazing performance you have ever seen.

What’s next for you?

In late May I will be brining a show to the Cherry Lane Studio which I am very excited about, I’m working on a film script and am doing lots of stand up all over town.

What is the name of the last show you saw?

Latin History for Morons at the Public

Any advice for your peers?

Work hard. Be nice.

Want More?

Twitter: @luciepohlcomedy
Instagram: ulovelucie

Lucie Pohl is a German born NYC raised actor, comedian, writer, solo performer, producer and proud immigrant. Her autobiographical storytelling comedy debut HI, HITLER was nominated for the 2015 New York Innovative Theater Award (Outstanding Solo Performance), garnered 5 and 4 star reviews and played to sold out houses at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, on London’s West End, 59E59 Theatres NY, Los Angeles, The Baltimore Fringe, Dixon Place, Emerging Artist Theatre, across Germany, in Bucharest, Romania and went on to have a full run at IRT Theatre (resident artist) in New York. In 2015, Pohl created her second play, CRY ME A LIVER which debuted at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, has been given a run at London’s Vault Festival in early March ‘16 and OFF-OFF Broadway in New York. Her third stand up hour APOHLCALYPSE NOW! played a sold out run at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, at the Culture Project in New York and has toured internationally. Lucie Pohl is a regular performer at Dixon Place, UCB, the PIT, IRT and can be seen doing character, storytelling and stand up work at various venues around the city.
Theatre credits include: Three Graces (Immigrant’s Theater Project/3-LD), Alma Mahler: Widow of the 4 Arts (The Los Angeles Theatre), Vocal Migrations (LaMaMa ETC), Flowers in the Snow (Roy Arias), a.o. TV/FILM: FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM (Warner Bros.), RED DWARFD XI (Baby Cow/Amazon), HOMELAND (Showtime), THE ODD COUPLE (Margarethe v. Trotta) lead role in the film ‘Magi’ directed by Hasan Karacadag, also starring Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill), NOT FADE AWAY (Paramount Vantage), EL CIELO ES AZUL (Vox3 Films) a.o.. Lucie is the voice of MERCY on BLIZZARD’S OVERWATCH. Creator of the female sketch comedy duo RICH AND FAMOUS (on the in$ide).
MFA in Acting from the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Lucie Pohl is also an op-ed comedy contributor at The Guardian, writes for HuffPost Online, as well as Chortle a.o.

Show Information:

When: March 20-28
Where: UNDER St. Marks Place
Address: 94 St. Marks Place
Website/Ticketing URL:

Review: It’s A-Scary! The Gray Man and The Pumpkin Pie Show: Labor Pains

The Gray Man Promo Photo credit Suzi SadlerI officially kicked off my new theatre season, Halloween. T’is the season to get all creepy with these two amazingly well-written and contrasting plays.

I was super excited to finally see a Pipeline production as I’ve been following them for years. And they didn’t disappoint. Andrew Farmer’s The Gray Man tells a story of a bogeyman, a ghost or a figment of someone’s imagination. Set in the round, Andrew Neisler directs this emotionally disturbing piece by employing a sensory experience that sufficiently creeped out the audience. The use of disembodied voices and movement in darkness traps us in the story. We are not sure where to look or just keep our eyes shut and listen as if being told a nightmarish bedtime  story.  The creative team and stellar ensemble supported the narrative and each other as they weaved in and out of scenes. And nothing is scarier than a little girl in a scary story because nothing good usually comes out of it. I loved the use of the theatre space as well as varying levels. The one set piece at the middle of the space brilliantly represented the interior of a home. However, there were many moments when actors were out of sight or the set couldn’t be totally seen due to being stable for the whole show.

pumpkin_V2_300_123On the other end of the spectrum, is The Pumpkin Pie Show – Labor Pains which features five short stories told through absurd and fantastically comedic monologues. Clay McLeod Chapman, storyteller, is soon to be a daddy (true story) and shares the woes and fears and neuroses of being a parent. What if you are not the baby daddy? What happens if the oracular predictions your baby is making suddenly stop? Who is that random lady at the playground? Is that baby a terrorist? And what would a Mama Bird do for her baby chick? The fast-paced, quick witted, litany of words and emotions coming at the audience from Chapman and Cheek skyrocketed the audience to another dimension – a bizarro world – which is essentially parenthood.

Two fantastic shows. Be sure to get to a performance. My suggestion is to see both show back-to-back knowing you’ll need another hour to find your footing in reality.

See you at the show!

The Gray Man presented by Pipeline Theatre Company

Walker Space (46 Walker Street between Broadway and Church Street)

September 24-October 18,

Wednesday through Sunday at 8pm with additional performances on Saturday at 5pm and Tuesday, October 13 at 8pm.

Featuring Tahlia Ellie, Daniel Johnsen, Katharine Lorraine, Claire Rothrock, and Shane Zeigler. The production will include Lighting Design by Christopher Bowser, Costume Design by Daniel Dabdoub, and Scenic Design by Andy Yanni with an original score by Composers Mike Brun and Chris Ryan. Produced by Natalie Gershtein with Production Manager Joshua Shain and Stage Manager Kristy Bodall.

Visit for more info.

The Pumpkin Pie Show: Labor Pains, presented by FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade 

UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1st Avenue and Avenue A)

September 24-October 10, Thursday through Saturday at 8pm

Featuring Hanna Cheek and Clay McLeod Chapman.

Visit for more info.