TBB: Madame Infamy, Excelsior Burlesque, North to Maine

Happy Monday, readers! Just a quick note that I will be on vacation until the 28th. That means I will not be updating TBB this coming weekend. If you are participating in FringeNYC, please let send me your show information as well as a FB invite. I enjoy attending as many shows as possible in the Fringe and am currently working on my calendar. Break legs and thank you for creating theatre!

See you at the show…when I get back!

If you haven’t had a chance to see Q’s show, I highly recommend catching it at St. Luke’s. Here’s my review, Q Told My Story.Special Discount Offer for my TBB subscribers! 50% off tix. See below for more info.

a solo play written and performed by
“A winning tale!” – The Village Voice
“A theatrical experience to remember!” – Broadway World
“Rewarding on a life-size scale!” – StageBuddy
308 WEST 46 ST, NYC
Mondays 7pm / Saturdays 2pm in July
Tix for $35.50 with discount code  (Telecharge price $59.50+fees)
Discount Code: MQSpecial
Full reviews/trailer at: www.theycallmeQshow.com
FB, Instagram, Twitter @theycallmeQshow


TBB: Festival Season, Madame Infamy, They Call Me Q, Woman at the Funerals

FestivalWe are truly in the middle of New York City’s Festival season. There’s the Fringe Festival (FringeNYC), New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), The Strawberry Festival, The Brick Comic Book Theatre Festival, The West Village Musical Theatre Festival (WVMTF) and so much more. It’s hard to know which shows to see in which festival in addition to the myriad of shows that have runs over the summer. I have to sit with the months of July and August to balance it out. Luckily, since I do PR and have many friends in the shows, I can narrow them down. However, I do like to see a show in which I’m not connected.

So I’ll start off by saying that I will be seeing Pageant Princess on Friday night and They Call Me Q on Monday (see below for more info on a half off tickets for that performance).
Madame infamy is my NYMF show which, if you haven’t heard yet, I’m over the moon about it. It’s already been lauded as the show to see by the NYTimes this summer. You should definitely check it out.
The Pawn Broker is my FringeNYC show, which is an awesome one woman show about the women of Bertolt Brecht. More info on that to come.
Visit www.theatrebeyondbroadway.com for more info on upcoming shows.
And see you at the show!

They Call Me Q is offering a 50% ticket for the 6/30 show to my subscribers. The more the merrier. Join me and click HERE for more info.
I just joined The Write Teacher(s) as their contributing writer on Beyond Broadway. Click HERE to read my debut article on The Josephine Foundation.

TBB: Woman at the Funerals, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 12 Angry Men

After a long week of celebrating the life of my dear friend, I am reminded of how art heals. What a beautiful outlet! To be able to sing, sit in a theatre, dance at a gala and reminisce of the many projects of yesteryear, that’s just an amazing gift. I will write a separate post and tribute at a later date to Cas. in the meantime, there are some great shows happening right now before we head into the summer festival season. Out in Queens, Theatre Time is doing 12 Angry Men which I LOVE.  Women at the Funerals is going strong. And yes, this is a shameless plug for my husband, Ian McDonald, who will be starring as Oberon/Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream which opens this Friday. I will be there with a bag of fairy dust at Central Park.

Tell me what you’re doing!

See you at the show!

TBB: Planet Connections Final Week, Our Bar, Newtown Literary Release

CaptureBelieve it or not, I do actually do activities that are non-theatrical. This past week, I decided to take a night off and hang out with some fellow artists at an open mic for Inspired Word.  I read three poems that are in the running for my performance at the Kaufman Studios Block Party.  I don’t perform as much as I used to by choice.  I really enjoy being behind the scenes producing, directing and promoting. However, it is important for me to feel  the butterflies and fear of speaking in front of people, so I can effectively communicate with fellow artists. It is one of the reasons I asked my friends to be my guest bloggers. I like to read and share their experiences with you.

As of this Friday, Valerie G. Keane will by my First Fridays guest blogger. Valerie is a passionate and opinionated artist whose work is published in Newtown Literary Magazine. She is also the curator of Poetry and Coffee, a monthly poetry salon where people discuss great poetry.

I want to thank Josh Rivedal, Nick Radu, Adam Kern, Kate Powers, Dawn Slegona McDonald, Ian McDonald, Isaac Klein,  Linda Gnat-Mullins and Cas Marino for being my guest bloggers.  I appreciate them taking the time to share about their wonderful work.

And on to June. Keep me posted on your shows as summer has Fringe, Midtown International Festival, NYMF and so much more.

See you at the show!


TBB: The Quest of the Hero, Pieces, Mein Uncle

CaptureHappy Memorial Day! This week has been a whirlwind of good art happening in the city. What are the chances of seeing 20 different performers in one night, two original musicals Off-Off Broadway and two offers I can’t refuse? The chances are actually pretty good when you hang out and support with fellow artists. Inspired Word rocks and if you live within the five boroughs then there’s no reason to stay at home writing your songs, poems, short novel in a vacuum. Come and perform. We want to be inspired. How else do artists have the guts to write original musicals? Or write a book on cats or anything like that?! (FYI: I’m not writing a book on cats).

I will be writing about theatre beyond Broadway for The Write Teacher(s). I am looking forward to blogging monthly for them as I have list of phenomenal artists that everyone should know about. Also, I am reading my poetry at the Queens Council of the Arts Block Party at Kaufmann Studios on June 21st. Check out my upcoming events for more info.

Be sure to check out Pieces, The Quest of the Hero & Allie’s Appendix in Planet Connections. Two weeks left. Let me know what you’re doing and…

See you at the show!

Stepping Out of the Box

IMG_8022-001What a weekend! Today’s post will be full of gratitude. The weather was beautiful this weekend and I definitely took advantage of it. Many thanks to everyone who supported my shows in Planet Connections – Pieces, The Quest of the Hero and Allie’s Appendix – as well as all the other great pieces. Congrats to Josh Rivedal and his amazing one man show this weekend. What a performance!

Much love to those who came to the Victorian Tea Wedding at Maple Grove Cemetery. It was fun to dress in costume and be in the ceremony. Kudos to the poets at Inspired Word’s Poetry Slam at Funkadelic Studios. Being a judge reminded me that poetry slam is next on my list to do!

I spent yesterday running around the city on a relationship building scavenger hunt. I met some great people through Small Pond Enterprises‘ event. Unfortunately, I can’t go into detail here about one of the places I visited. I will say this though:

Unless we step outside of our box, we will never know what else is out there waiting for us. Walk through the fire folks!


See you at the show!

Victorian Wedding of Mary & Jonan Coward; The Gospel According to Josh

imageThis weekend I am going to be a guest at The Victorian Tea Wedding at Maple Grove Cemetery. My husband, Ian, is portraying Jacob Riis as best man. and my best galpal, Amanda Doria is Elizabeth Riis as matron of honor. So there will be a toast and singing and celebration. The bride and groom, Mary and Jonan Coward, were separated during the Civil War and didn’t reunite until 50 years later. Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery is giving them, who are buried side by side, the wedding they never got to have as teenagers.

Very cool!

Planet Connections opens this week. If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook or are part of the Facebook Group page, then you’ll be reading all about about the shows that are going up.

Check out the listings to the right and http://www.theatrebeyondbroadway.com for more info.

See you at the show!


Josh Rivedal returns to New York City with a limited run of his show. I promoted his book last summer and am excited about seeing his one man show.

There’s a group of us attending opening night so I’d love for you to join us. Send me an email at Malini@theatrebeyondbroadway.com for more info.

From The Maury Povich Show to Huffington Post columnist, the critically acclaimed show returns for a limited engagement.
Tortured by his thoughts, Josh finds himself standing on the ledge of a 4th floor window, contemplating jumping out to end it all; in a moment of truth, he must reach out to the only person who can help him before it’s too late. Featuring cameos by Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr., and Elvis; The Gospel According to Josh is a comedic and poignant true-to-life tale of love, loss, struggle, and survival. It’s a gospel account of one young man’s passage into manhood:  his 28-year Gentile bar mitzvah.

A journey through depression and coming out the other side…

FRIDAY, MAY 16 at 7PM,


Pieces, The Quest of the Hero & Allie’s Appendix Open at Planet Connections

Geffner WednesdayI am reading at the Inspired Word on Wednesday night at 7pm at Coffeed in Long Island City. Trying out some new pieces so I’d love for you to be there.

Planet Connections opens this month for 3 weeks. I am pretty psyched about the shows that are going up. Besides, Pieces, The Quest of the Hero! and Allie’s Appendix, there is John Patrick Bray’s Donkey, David Caudle’s Downward Facing Debbie and Siobhan O’Loughlin’s Natural Novice. Check out the listings at http://www.theatrebeyondbroadway.com for more info.

See you at the show!

This contest is still open until Wednesday.

Your name will be drawn from my cauldron if you tell me what show has a kick ass poster/logo/brand. You win two tickets to:

THE ANTHEM is a rollicking sci-fi musical about a revolt of the young against an evil state lovingly inspired by the classic novella “Anthem.” Hunger Games meets Ayn Rand in a world where individuality is illegal. Prometheus abandons everything to confront the State — controlled by the overlord of evil efficiency, Tiberius. With a forbidden copy of Ayn Rand’s ancient tome in hand, can Prometheus overthrow the system?

Leave a comment on the Theatre Beyond Broadway Facebook page or below.


The Left Out Festival Closes, Alan Semerdjian, Pieces Extended

imagesI had a moment today when I realized that I need to stop complicating everything. I always want everything to go off smoothly but if I am in my own way, I just slow everything down. Since the last week, which now includes a second loss, I am seeing just how important it is that we live our lives to the fullest. As a champion of dreams and goals, I encourage all of you, as well as myself, to set a goal for the next month and do one thing each day to make that goal a reality. You have 30 days…GO! I’m checking in to see where you all are in the process.

If you haven’t checked out The Left Out Festival, today is your last chance. Antonio and Shylock close out the festival and I am very excited to see it tonight. It’s a work in progress based on Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice by Dikran Tulaine, this exploration of hatred of the “other” explores anti-Jewish and anti-gay bigotry. Was Antonio gay? Hmm, I’ll love to dig deep. Also, fellow poet, and rocker, Alan Sermerdjian is performing this weekend at the Rockwood Music Hall. And if you’re in the mood for an oldie but a goody, check out my pal, Tom Hoefner’s You’re a Good Man. Charlie Brown. Tom wrote and directed, The Unlikely Adventure of Race McCloud, Private Eye which Black Henna produced a few years ago.

I am about to head into Planet Connections with three great shows: Pieces, The Quest of the Hero! and Allie’s Appendix. Check out the listings to the right and www.theatrebeyondbroadway.com for more info. Pieces has two more added dates so YAY!

See you at the show!

You have a follower the moment you put the anarchy sign in my path. So when I heard The Anthem was opening, my interest was piqued.

Your name will be drawn from my cauldron if you tell me what show has a kick ass poster/logo/brand. You win two tickets to:

THE ANTHEM is a rollicking sci-fi musical about a revolt of the young against an evil state lovingly inspired by the classic novella “Anthem.” Hunger Games meets Ayn Rand in a world where individuality is illegal. Prometheus abandons everything to confront the State — controlled by the overlord of evil efficiency, Tiberius. With a forbidden copy of Ayn Rand’s ancient tome in hand, can Prometheus overthrow the system?

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